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Business 2021

6 New Business Initiatives to Increase Efficiency in 2021

At times, you may notice that meetings that used to be productive are now dragging, or some projects are taking too long. This may take a toll on the employees and ultimately affect their...
Influencer Marketing

How Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing Are Shaping the Future of Business

Marketing can drive even the most hardened entrepreneur up a wall – Confluencr is a master in  Speaking your audience’s language, choosing platforms for your products, and figuring out which marketing strategies are most...
Business Consultant

Four Signs Your Business Needs A Business Consultant

There are countless reasons you might need to enlist the services of a business consultant. A trained, impartial eye can more quickly diagnose any obstacles that are blocking your business’ path to success than...
Business Owners Success Strategies

10 Service-Based Business Owners Share Their Strategies for Success

We have always strived to gain inspiration and motivation from successful personalities around the world.  With the growth and success of the service-based businesses, we have brought some incredible strategies straight from the successful...
Entrepreneur Tips Motivation Startup Strategies a First Time Entrepreneur Must Know

Entrepreneur Tips Motivation: Startup Strategies a First Time Entrepreneur Must Know

Besides the slow decay of the planet, here’s another inconvenient truth you must know – the business will fail before it succeeds. It appears as a negative statement, but it’s the truth.  Your business...