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Email Marketing Strategy

Small Business Email Marketing Strategy & Tips for 2022

It’s not an understatement to say that email marketing is the king of marketing. Email marketing is cost-effective and gives better ROI than other marketing channels in the market. Every dollar spent on email...
Email Marketing Tips

Using Email Marketing to Connect with Customers

Email marketing is still one of the best avenues to promote your brand. Despite the technological advances in digital marketing like social media, video marketing, AR development, influencer marketing, and more, email marketing can...
How Social Media Support Email Marketing Campaigns

How Social Media Support Email Marketing Campaigns?

Many small businesses believe that they can market their companies with social media alone. However, this is a myth.  You might be gaining thousands of followers through social media sites, but did you know...
Email Marketing Strategy 9 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Audit

Email Marketing Strategy: 9 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Audit

Sending automated emails to your subscribers is a cost-effective marketing tool, but are the emails you’re sending out the best they can be?  One way to highlight any problems or weaknesses is to conduct...