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Social networks are a great tool for mailing

Social Networks Are A Great Tool For Mailing

The best practice is social media Email Marketing  The e-marketing or email marketing has been a very popular tool among sellers who long reach potential customers since the 90’s. Today, email is still considered...
Heart Of The Customer

Get To The Heart Of The Customer In Times Of Crisis How Retention And Recruitment Tool

The marketing is changing a lot in recent years. Gone are the campaigns focused on inertia selling, without considering the potential customer, much less generate value to him to campaigns aimed at uncovering market...
Email Marketing

I Have A List Of Subscribers And Now What?

There are hundreds of websites offering delicious gifts and professionals to capture the email. If you know the power of email marketing, you too will have created a powerful magnet lead to offer it...
Email Copywriting

Copywriting For Email Marketing

He has written extensively about Email Marketing. It is said to be one of the best online strategies that want to forge a close relationship with its customers. However, no one told you about...