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Heart Of The Customer

Heart Of The Customer

The marketing is changing a lot in recent years. Gone are the campaigns focused on inertia selling, without considering the potential customer, much less generate value to him to campaigns aimed at uncovering market needs and then meet them. Today, in highly competitive markets with excess information and technology we must focus our marketing towards generating experiences that add value to the potential customer through emotions. then we talk about emotional marketing. We buy emotions. Or what is the same, emotions sold.

And, within our marketing strategy, emotions or emotional marketing can be the differentiation relative to our competition.

    Engage emotions, feelings create a brand dependence and feelings love

Connect emotionally with consumers is not easy. To do this, you will need to design a strategy taking into account the emotional intelligence and offering an experience that users can identify. In order to achieve customer loyalty to our brand.

We are evolving in a Digital Age to Human Age, emotional, where we humanize brands to get closer to customers.

Why is it so important emotion?

Through emotions we get virality and engage our target audience. Emotions cause a state that sharpens our senses and therefore pay more attention and hooked up to information presented to us.

How do emotional marketing?

Then you indicated a number of steps to design a good marketing strategy emotional:

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Step 1. You must know the needs and desires satisfy the consumer wants. The more you know about your potential customers you can have better relationship with them.

Step 2. Having an account personality, mission, vision and values of the brand, think how you can bring the minds of consumers without losing the brand image and offering them what they want.

Step 3. Create a communication strategy taking into account the brand personality and emotions of our audience. Today, not just any type of communication because the receiver has changed.

An example of emotional marketing campaigns is that of Coca-Cola. People to drink this soda are not only calming their thirst are also freshening relationships and friendships. “Share Happiness”. Brand through their spots reaches the minds of consumers transmitting an image: young, happy, magical, cool, funny …

Keep in mind when designing the strategy drawn the following commandments of the book Emotional Branding: “The new paradigm for connecting Brands to People” branding expert Marc Gobe worldwide.

  1. Consumer people. Consumers buy, people live.
  2. Product to experience. The products cover needs. The experiences satisfy desires. If we buy a product of necessity always prevail the price.
  3. Honesty to trust. Honesty is expected. Trust agrees. You need to win. A good example of this would Mercadona. With its claim: Supermarkets confidence.
  4. Quality to preference. Quality is given and something that today should be mandatory. The preference given sale. Be the preferred brand gives our customers loyalty and therefore the way to success.
  5. Notoriety to aspiration. It is known or loved. The notoriety to us to be known. We must pass to be desired.
  6. Identity of personality. Identity is recognition. Personality is a matter of character and charisma.
  7. Function sentiment. The function is related to the practical qualities. Design with sensory experiences.
  8. Ubiquity to presence. Ubiquity is seen. The presence is felt.
  9. Communication to dialogue. Communication is sold. Dialogue is sharing.
  10. Service to the relationship. The service is sold. The relationship is understand and value to consumers.

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Here we see a number of advantages that brings us to perform this type of marketing.

Benefits of emotional marketing

  • The price goes to the background. Both the product and the price goes to the background. It is transmitted and sold through feelings.
  • Values, emotions or feelings help us to attract new buyers. It is easier to convey emotions and thus attract new niches and customers.
  • Differentiator. The products today are very similar so make a differential value strategy through feelings will help us differentiate ourselves.

How to create emotional links without a big budget

  • Support social causes. Involved with the problems of society helps form a favorable image for the brand.
  • Support local industries. For many people support local small businesses or industries is an important reason for deciding to purchase.
  • Surprise customers. Whether or not special dates, you will surprise the customer and make you feel valued. enough to think about our brand when buying motive.
  • Tell stories. We help humanize the brand and thus we will become more visible.

Examples of emotional marketing campaigns

–> Campaigns of the General Directorate of Traffic based on responsibility through fear or distress.

–> Donation campaigns Humanitarian Fund causes seek compassion and solidarity.

–> Christmas campaigns offer the security that provides home and family.

–> Apple campaigns offer us experiences to enjoy good times.

In short, while we are there and there will be human emotion and therefore we make emotional marketing. But not limiting ourselves to move to our audience falls off the tear, we must be able to reach the hearts of our audience. Generate content is relatively easy. The hard part is that content like and be of interest to our audience.


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