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Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting

He has written extensively about Email Marketing. It is said to be one of the best online strategies that want to forge a close relationship with its customers. However, no one told you about Copywriting for Email Marketing.

And that is to carry out an email marketing strategy is not enough to have a good database, campaign manager and a nice template. Must pay attention to the texts. What’s more, without a good copy on the matter, maybe not you achieve your audience open the email you send him.

Did you know that the average open rate is 20%?

Did you know that Obama applied Copywriting Email Marketing?

Of course, it is not directly Barack Obama who writes and sends all emails, but their communication equipment. But indirectly-Obama believes in copywriting.

It is common in the United States that parties to send emails to solicit donations. You want to know how much money managed Barack Obama in 2012?
690 million US dollars.

And how he did it?
Simple: conducted a test A / B with different issues. Through these tests they found that emails with a more informal affair had higher open rate. In fact, the subject “Hey” was the most popular of all.

It was thus found that the headlines that worked best were similar to what could have used a friend or acquaintance of the recipient tone. Copywriting has a clear influence on the open rate of emails.

How do I improve the open rate in my campaign?

The secret to improve the open rate of your email marketing campaign is to apply Copywriting. And we must arouse the interest of the recipient with the matter.

How many emails you send directly to the trash because the matter has not aroused your curiosity?

The day we receive many emails and if we add to them the post we received in our RSS reader, the content of our social networks and other connections we receive; the amount of information we receive on a daily basis far exceeds the amount we can attend. Our target is selective because it can not meet all the information you receive in your inbox. We must show, with the matter, it is worth to open our mail.

Here are some tips for your Email Marketing

I guess you already know the best time to send your emails, you’ve segmented your subscribers and you know how often you should send mail to avoid saturating the recipient.
The thing is my thing …

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Without an attractive copy you not accomplishing differentiate. And most likely your email ending in the same place as the other hundred similar to yours: in the Trash. Perhaps the time when the recipient, not to open any of your emails arrive, end to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Is the subject line as the headline: your goal is to stand out from the dozens of emails that reach the inbox in order to be opened.

Here are some tips to achieve this goal:


Create a sense of urgency:
The way we consume has changed. The limited places, the last opportunities and even limited-time offers are a good ally when it comes to creating an attractive copy and causing reaction in the recipient.

The good, if brief, twice good: The subject line should not exceed under any circumstances, 50 characters.

Simple and concise: You do not walk on the branches, to the point. The issue should make it clear what we will find in the email. Leave metaphors and rhetoric for poets. In Email Marketing we must be precise.

Prevents web of ISP: The system provider (ISP) detects certain words as spam. Avoid slogans like “Buy now”, “Free”, capitalization, excessive exclamation marks or dollar sign. Otherwise your email will end up in spam without being seen even.

The data generated confidence: Numbers, percentages and data generated confidence in the user. They also help to focus attention. Consider them as a good ally.

Breaks the mold: Try to differentiate yourself from your competition. No matter how good your technique copywriting, if you end up being just like others do not get a different result.
be original, my friend.

Voice tone: The voice is something that just pay attention and is very important.

How to speak your buyer person? How would you like to address him your target audience? Investigate it and go to him in a tone similar to that used voice.
You never have you found uncomfortable when someone came to you (or vice versa)?

You can not like everyone: And in fact, you should. When you create your campaign Email Marketing always keep in mind your buyer person. Other people will not care, but should please him.

Now you’re ready to start using the copywriting on your email marketing campaigns.
Get to it: your audience is waiting for your next email!


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