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Whatsapp and Snapchat add new features to their services

Whatsapp And Snapchat Add New Features To Their Services

The other services and instant messaging applications are always looking to add new features, some that generate substantial amendments and others that integrate features that unveil how they will operate in the future, as...
Snapchat continue advertising in the Super Bowl

Snapchat Continue Advertising In The Super Bowl

One of the most watched sporting events on the planet is definitely the Super Bowl, and companies like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pepsi, Budweiser, among many others, spend millions and millions of dollars to put...

Snapchat Success In This 2016 – What Is That?

During 2015, Snapchat opened a division of original content that later ended up closing; besides also it began offering paid content Added to this, the continuous application offering fun and original filters to allow...