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Trends in social networks 2016

Trends In Social Networks During The Second Half Of 2016

This second half of 2016 will occur in social networks Social networks are no longer exclusive single common user and currently represent a powerful marketing tool for businesses. In fact, it is estimated that...
Selling Images on Social Networks

Select Images That Sell In Your Social Networks

  Digital Marketing Trends Today we focus on a topic that often raises questions: images. Very subjective to be objectively assess as they are key elements in our strategy Marketing Online. To speak of...
Images in Social Networks

Importance of Images in Social Networks

For brands and companies use social networks, images are the kind of ideal for capturing the attention of consumers on social platforms such content. It is well known that people respond positively to this...

The Microblogging And Social Networking

Social networks continue to evolve day after day, these developments have allowed old trends of social media is still in full swing and bring the digital age to another level. Today, it is common...