Select Images That Sell In Your Social Networks

Selling Images on Social Networks


Selling Images on Social Networks

Digital Marketing Trends Today we focus on a topic that often raises questions: images. Very subjective to be objectively assess as they are key elements in our strategy Marketing Online. To speak of images in social networks, we have resorted to some real experts in digital marketing: Rebellious online

Clearly, today, social networks are not just a resource that increase brand presence, get “I like you” or fans … Social networks are springboards to the sale; either a sale in 1 or 2 step, the question is to be effective, as long as we know use.

In addition, social media entrepreneur makes available new features that help, more if possible, to generate sales; for example, the buttons “Buy Now” on Facebook or Pinterest. Now, any user will be fixed before buying a key element: the image.

The image you choose will depend on many factors, such as the industry in which your company is. To find out what works best type of image you must perform constant testing with different styles to draw objective conclusions of what works best with your potential customer when selling.

So let’s see what kind of tests you should be doing with your images to ensure more sales:

Alone product or as a lifestyle

The eternal controversy … Say you’re talking about a ecommerce fashion, in time to add an image for sale in social networks, you wonder Do I place the product on a table or hung on a hanger or better an image a model wearing the product?

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One of the most common images when it comes to selling a product in social media, is to place it on a table or displaying the piece as ‘lifestyle’.

Simply to determine what type of image works best, you have to try both styles. A council of experts; photos of the garments resting on a table or surface, have greater participation than the product photos on a white background. This would be a basis on which to start your test.

The idea that suggest to us from Rebellious Marketing Online is that for a week, post different pictures with similar texts, but introducing slight variations. After the run, you must count the number of clicks and sales to draw conclusions and criteria.

Many employers are already measuring their results and grow their business thanks to the methodology of Online Marketing Rebellious opinions Vimeo.

Segmenting your audience

Every good entrepreneur, is clear about who your ideal client end. The best way to find out who we sell and who would want us to buy is to create avatars of these profiles: women / men, young / old, unemployed / workers, what kind of job they have, what income, what their hobbies are, if they have children or, if they have a partner or not …

Based on all this information, you can create highly targeted ads with images focused on your different targets. Because it is not the same add an image for a woman than for a man or a younger or older crowd. Ideally analyze 2 or 3 groups of potential customers for your brand and create specific images for each group with a copy intended for them.

It offers coupons and discounts

A very effective campaign to generate sales level in social networks is to create specific creatives for a promotion or discount. Perhaps it is one of the oldest hooks but not has lost effectiveness …

Here the recommendation is to make different tests including text within the image and making slight changes to the copy, typography, text placement, use of bold or italic … Let these active images over a period and analyzes results to find out what has It worked better.

Simply, you must keep in mind that for your campaigns in Facebook Ads, the text should not occupy more than 20% of the image, but will not be validated.

The ideas related to your industry

There is nothing that works better than offering useful ideas to your audience; an effective way to get new customers or reactivation of former customers. Engage your target audience bringing new things: Try to project ideas for using your products or services and thus get sales.

Promotes fun ideas or plans to exit the routine, as a family outing or a surprise trip. Another option is to propose more specific ideas, which focus on decoration or design; for example, changes in the location of the couch or how to make a wreath for spring.

The point of all this is to always include your products in the plan and suggest, with images, the benefits you will enjoy if they decide to carry out that plan.


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