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Web visibility

How to improve the visibility of my web

The phrase “If you’re not in google, you do not exist” becomes more and more important.¬† The search engine par excellence has become the place to which all consumers access to find all kinds...
Optimize Bounce Rate

Optimize Bounce Rate By Improving The User Experience

When we are creating and positioning our web there are many factors to consider. One of them is to know what visitors want to get into it, seeking or have experience on our website....
Web Positioning Holiday

Keys To Improve Web Positioning Holiday

When summer arrives, the holidays arrive: Business activity slows, consumers change their usual place of residence and customs. But.. Internet does not close for holidays Unless your company has during the summer peak season, you...
SEO Mistakes

The Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

The positioning of our web pages is responsible, in most cases, users that search engines find us on the Internet. For this reason, we spent a significant portion of our time trying to adapt...