Optimize Bounce Rate By Improving The User Experience

Optimize Bounce Rate

Optimize Bounce Rate

When we are creating and positioning our web there are many factors to consider. One of them is to know what visitors want to get into it, seeking or have experience on our website. In this way we will increase the time and number of pages visited thus reducing the bounce rate.

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of users who enter the web by visiting only one page, without clicking on other pages. Google understands that the longer and interactions are made on the web, that user will have more interest. He is showing that he liked.

    A high bounce rate can indicate dissatisfaction by the visitor

Usually, a good bounce rate is around 40% -45%, but may of course be differences depending on the web. For good bounce rate must improve the user experience:

It provides quality content and legible

The user experience begins when the content is legible. For that:

  •     Design content easy to read and avoids large paragraphs.
  •     Use subtitles, graphics, images, infographics, videos and quotes from experts.
  •     Structure content points if necessary.
  •     Use bold to highlight the most important concepts.
  •     Do not forget to structure the content with an introduction, body and conclusion of the message.

Write quality content and keep them updated. You think of yourself, when you leave a web? When you find yourself not interested minimally. When writing the content you should be aware that the public normally scans the page without reading it. It is therefore important that you try to catch your attention from the beginning.

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This is not only true for a blog so is for any web. If you sell a product not just a headline and photo, you need to include descriptions, subtitles, texts, information and good quality photos.

Weatherproof speed or load

Internet is very fast and we also so if a site is not loaded in a few seconds abandon it. Decreasing load only one second can increase our conversions and position in search results. To reduce the charging time, be sure to have a quality hosting, that does not suffer falls and support resources well you insert it. It is also important that this optimized web programming and images that will publish.

Control the user experience and irritants

There are several irritants to the user experience:

  • Audio videos or videos that automatically play too long.
  • Links that lead to other sites without doing so in a new window, which makes us to go to another site and not return to the original.
  • Irrelevant pop-ups or pop-ups. Pop-up windows work but using too much can become annoying.
  • Broken links. Damage the rankings but other search engines, create a sense of distrust of the user and often even abandonment. Much damage brand image.

Usability and web design

Every website must be designed in a structured and organized so that each user has a quick and clear perspective of what we offer.

In addition, the web must maintain an attractive and professional design where users find what they want, navigate with ease and have a pleasant experience.

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Mobile connectivity

It is important that our website is compatible with all devices. Today, more queries are performed from mobile or tablet from your computer, so if our website is not adapted to these devices, we will be losing and not inviting visitors to browse and click to many users.

Trust and reliability

A clear narrative help users trust us, answer our questions and be loyal to our website. Avoid anything that might jeopardize your credibility and be honest and transparent at all times.

In short, the bounce is a great metric. we no longer enough to know that we have 30% of traffic, need to know whether that traffic is quality or not. Creates a content strategy and an editorial calendar considering these formulas and your insurance rate will be more optimal.


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.