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WhatsApp Marketing

7 Ways WhatsApp Can be used for online marketing

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19B in 2014, the app was simple and flat, and many people wondered why you would buy a chatting application for so much.  Over the years, the application has...
Mobile Usage Real Time

Mobile Usage in Real Time – PlayMobi

For the first time, mobile use has overtaken the use of desktops.  There is no doubt in the fact that mobile usage is on the rise, and this overlap was bound to come about...
Whatsapp and Snapchat add new features to their services

Whatsapp And Snapchat Add New Features To Their Services

The other services and instant messaging applications are always looking to add new features, some that generate substantial amendments and others that integrate features that unveil how they will operate in the future, as...
Trends in social networks 2016

Trends In Social Networks During The Second Half Of 2016

This second half of 2016 will occur in social networks Social networks are no longer exclusive single common user and currently represent a powerful marketing tool for businesses. In fact, it is estimated that...

Top 10 Tricks You Do Not Know Whatsapp

We will show some tricks that may not know whatsapp atent @ s! This list of tricks for Whatsapp is a reflection of updates Whatsapp, you’re likely to not know them, but you can...