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We will show some tricks that may not know whatsapp atent @ s!

This list of tricks for Whatsapp is a reflection of updates Whatsapp, you’re likely to not know them, but you can be useful and curious at some point. For this it is important to have the latest updates on your phone, whether you use Android, Windows phone or IOS.

If by chance you already know some of the tricks Whatsapp’ll show you try them and exploits its capabilities, for example managing a group, surprising your partner, using it as a working tool. The possibilities that offer different tricks Whatsapp are vast.

1. The message can be marked as unread

This feature dates from July 2015 but not everyone knows, after a person writing a message, and the receiving user to read, we can make this conversation will want to keep as pending, so that can be marked as not read. To achieve this, can I hold the conversation, get a box, and select “mark as unread”, doing this does not remove the blue popcorn from the other person, however, if you leave us mark an unread message in the top and is conversation is blue with which we realize that is pending for reading. This is one of the tricks Whatsapp is very useful when you want to re-read a message because we can not put enough attention at the time.

2. We can eliminate double check blue

This is another of the tricks most requested following the controversy on Facebook whatsapp, this is why some people felt discovered in their actions read a message and the time they did, when I get this functionality to see who had read our conversations, ie the double blue dove.

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Whatsapp development then this trick, a feature that allowed remove that functionality to do this you must go to settings, then account, privacy and select deselect read confirmation. And with that our whastapp is ready to prevent other people know whether or not read your message.

To perform this trick Whatsapp must go to Settings> Account> Privacy and remove the check from the “Read Receipt” box.

3. Add an administrator or more group

In order to perform this trick Whatsapp must first be stewards of a group, either by creating the group or because someone already assigned to us. Now, if we add more administrators, whatsapp allows us, the opposite case is worth mentioning, that is if we run administrators “apparently” in these cases we must also know that whatsapp in groups always an administrator is maintained, only that randomly chooses.

The steps to appoint a new administrator or add all we want, is this: we enter the information window group then proceed to a click of a group member and to which we want to make administrator, and ready will be marked as administrator group, so we know there is no limit if you want all members are administrators with the ability to add or remove members may be the case. Here are the images and we can see what we are explaining.

4. Ability to send a message to many people

In case you want a message to several people, we can use the mailing lists, on the screen where our chats appear, go to the menu three points and the first option is to spread the message, select new mailing list, then and only us takes to select contacts we want them to get our message.

On the right side of the menu displays the list and is the first choice, we can send as many people as contacts have filed. the image must be observed.

Although this seems one of the whatsapp tricks that can have commercial functions Be careful !. It is spam, because people you have the data and send them information have not confirmed any time they want to receive.

5. Silencing a person or one group

If you are that you Cansad @ notification of a new message appears in a group or by a particular user, this is one of the tricks to Whatsapp one you will like.

Being constantly interrupted by vibration or the sound of a group, it is not pleasant. You have to silence them, for this, click on the three points of the menu and the option to mute appears, and shows us how long we wish, and ready until date tells us that option applies. We can do it with people or groups deem necessary, there is no limit. Very useful.

6.’s schedule automatic messages

This is one of the tricks to Whatsapp less known to the great mass of people. Although it will be necessary to have the Seebye Scheduler to schedule automatic messages application, this application is seamlessly integrated and usability is good, it allows us to schedule time and day shipping. Must go to google play store to download it

7. Notices floating in whatsapp

To enjoy other whatsapp tricks, we need another support application called Seebye Chat Heads. Once downloaded, we follow the steps and we will see a different effect on our screens. In this case you also have to go to the store to download this application.

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8. Mark one of the messages as favorite

Many times we receive in any of our groups an address or an important fact, another phone, an event, etc. Which is far behind in the messages and we lost by the amount of information especially when it comes to groups, but using this trick Whatsapp, we can highlight it as favorite so that we do not miss and locate more easily

Just click on the comment and will appear several options, one of them is highlight, we press and becomes a prominent message that we can find by clicking on the menu three points and presto, we appear. To undo this trick is reselected and choose not to highlight and ready.

9. See who read our message in a group

This is one of the tricks of Whatsapp focused on the most gossips;). After writing a message in the group, time elapses and no one answers us, they might have chosen to ignore, or have not yet read, for this second option if we can find out, pressing the message and then give it option ” info “in this section tells us who received the message, who read it and at what time.

10. Create shortcuts in some of the conversations

This is one of the tricks whatsapp focused on intensive application users. It is quick access to the conversations we have very often and which now we can put them as a shortcut on our screens.

To do this, hold the conversation that you want to create a shortcut and click the “add shortcut chat”.

Do you know any other WhatsApp tricks that are practical in day to day? We hope you comment us in the comment section!


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