The 10 Commandments Of A Community Manager

The 10 commandments of a Community Manager

The 10 commandments of a Community Manager

It’s no secret we’ve been talking slowly the scope of the Community Manager. At first we talked about the main functions of a CM as a representative of the organization in the digital world, as well as the competencies needed or yes when practice in the field of Social Media.

However, like any other professional, Community Manager also has a manual of good act in the area of ​​Social Media will achieve convince organizations the essentials of this human resource in the world of communication 2.0.

The 10 commandments of a Community Manager

1. Prim: A Community Manager like any other professional in the area of ​​digital marketing should separate his private life from his profession to create a line between their personal judgments and comments from the audience that is important to emphasize that a CM gestionando. Es takes care the online reputation of a brand and manage the community, so there are probably comments that may go against their beliefs. It is also irrelevant let you know our opinion about something, because with all due respect, is not of general interest and less if the brand through which we work.

From my experience and advice of great magnates of Social Media, a Community Manager never anything personal is taken while representing the brand, because it is not us who are interacting, but with the organization and their views on services and products it offers. Do not be misled by tempting comments, and much less if negative.

If you’re working your personal brand, integrated in its own strategy of Social Media improvisation plays a key role in building a community, it is the professional who decides how to interact with its users and to where they want their users know them.

2. Prudente: Hesiod said: “Be careful. The best thing is to choose all the time. ” As Community Manager you must turn away from the controversies and discussions that are generated in the community of the brand in social networks. This does not mean that there intermediaremos if a problem occurs. First, we analyze the situation and then respond considering the origin of discusión. He seen that it is common practice for some Community Manager delete publications that generated controversy or remove comments from users in a hasty attempt on the discussion or complaints from them, however, it is an unethical practice that should not be done because you can break the link between users and the brand.

3. Authentic: You’re probably aware that in the area of ​​Social Media is a common practice, and sometimes positive, share information that is interesting for the community to brand you represent. However, the originality of a Community Manager is symbolized in content strategies that are created as items, computer graphics, image of the organization, and many more options, and not from the experience of other professional, not copy the others, show your authenticity!

4. Gentil: Being in social media requires a lot of responsibility and a lot more sanity in our behavior if we are exercising a position as Community Manager in an organization. Not believe that you are doing things right or we can leave it for tomorrow. The moment that a brand is social networks and start building their digital identity in the world coarse communication 2.0, invited everyone including your target audience to participate and interact with it, be good users or bad, and therefore are obliged to gently reach everyone by igual. No is simply to create a community of followers in our social networks and ready, really it focuses on our work be aware of the comments and opinions, whether to our liking or not, be grateful to the participation, interaction, greetings, compliments and complaints from users and especially not ignore, because it could be an error with abysmal consequences for our reputation and, worse, our job.

5. Constant: If you are a Community Manager in training, know a Social Media strategy requires a lot of time and dedication. It is good practice to leave everything to the management tools and social networking always devote to other tasks. When the occasion calls and have to attend to other commitments, you can rely on your tools but remember that the success of a brand in social networks is on personalization and not look like a spam leaving everything prepared and tested as if we were talking about a bots. No community go into despair or look few ethical methods to attract fans to your brand if you are sharing interesting information and have a good marketing strategy developed content, the community will be one.

Remember that your job is not only measured by the number of followers you possess, but for your service to the community that you represent.

6. Participatory: Surely it happened to you that the brand to which you’re working requires quick short-term results that demonstrate your job as Community Manager. The truth is that often the work of a social media strategist is not highly valued and for that reason is our brand teach us the true value of CM in a empresa. Si that is the case, it is important to create a Social Plan Media that allowed your superiors understand the step that has a mark on the web 2.0 and establish trust with them then it is also important to understand that social networking investment growth, which is why you should participate and make your organization cooperate with your proposals.

7. Sincere: Sincerity first. A Community Manager should tell the truth when you make a mistake. If that is the case, it is better to be honest, clear and precise. You must not justify yourself to your community if you make a mistake because it just will generate a bad perception in your users, if you were wrong, correcting your mistake, apologize and with much encouragement to adelante. Nadie said that a Community Manager can not go wrong, but the real mistake is not to accept it and move committing it.

8. Leal: As Community Manager must assert your work and not to use improper for recognition could possibly one day becoming a nightmare practices. Work in the area of ​​Social Media requires analysis and well-crafted work that does not involve unethical strategies such as purchasing databases, buying followers, email marketing rather like a unwanted spam much less, the other users planned theft marcas. Por that’s recommended that you do everything with much perseverance and love for what you do. Our work is still maturing in the market and we must assert that we are as professionals.

9. Responsible: You might ask, how ?, As responsible and I commented that a Community Manager has the duty and the responsibility to read and share everything that is provided by the organization that represents the world digital. He observed that many the CM that share information and work to read are not taken, but share because if believing is important, however, found that the content can not be of interest to the community, has typos, it is not coherent precise and much less used to be shared with the communities of each particular user.

We must be responsible in our work and read very closely everything that exists in Internet. Nuestro interest is keeping our community happy and not to our ego believing that we are doing well.

10. Creative: And finally, the tenth commandment: creativity. Being prepared is important, studying a lot of Social Media is a daily task in our field, but honestly it is no use to read a lot and know everything but we know how to apply it to the reality of our marca. Como Community Manager know that not all strategies work equally taking into account the characteristics of our market, the country where we live, the community that we have and the limitations that cause us headaches. Therefore, we must be very creative when developing our content considering budget limitations, advantages and disadvantages, and above all, that appeals to our audience.

Always remember: I will be a faithful servant of my mark on the world 2.0 and social networks.

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