The 7 Key Ingredients Of A Sales-Crushing Landing Page

Sales Landing Page

A good landing page is responsible for generating good quality sales.

When you have a good landing page, then it is also easy for generating new leads & they also have a strong impact on the quality score of Google Ads. This quality score is extremely important as a better score leads to an increase in the possibility of the ads being displayed & this leads to a reduction in cost per click (CPC).

This, in turn, helps the businesses in attracting new customers & also leads to the generation of cost per click (CPC). This leads to a lot of savings on the part of the business owner & this helps in the payment of less advertising fees.

Also, off late, Incrementors SEO Solutions, is one of the most trusted names in developing sales-crushing landing pages.

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For creating a competitive landing page, there are many important elements to keep in mind such as the psychology behind the needs of a customer & a proper intuitive account of what and why your customer demands the related service or product.

According to the industry research, it has been proven that-

77% of landing pages are home pages.

Source- So, the above statistics show that the importance of a good quality landing page is very high.

Now let us discuss the 7 key ingredients of a sales-crushing landing page in the below article:

1.) An Attractive & Compelling Headline

The quality of a smart & succinct headline is that it effectively elaborates about the pain point of the customer & along with that, it also successfully describes the importance of the unique value proposition of the customer. 

The headline should be good enough to hook in the viewer as it is the first thing that a visitor sees on the web page.

Now, let us take a look at how to write a good & attractive headline-

a.) The message in the headline should be strong enough to grab the eyeballs & the interest of the viewers.

b.) The headline should promote the information about the product or service.

c.) It should be lengthy & should be as compact as possible.

If the headline is compelling enough, then it would automatically appeal to the audience, this will result in more conversions & more leads.

More & more customers will visit your website if you have a catchy headline, so do your research & make several attempts before developing a good headline.

2.) Call To Action

Generally, a call to action is an important aspect of a lead generation strategy. A call to action can simply also be a standalone button located on a click-through page.

To have an effective call to action, it is important to have a-

a.) Good Design

b.) It should be exciting & compelling.

c.) It should be persuasive.

d.) Increase the usage of contrasting colors

So, make sure that your call to action is a standout so that the viewers & readers get hooked on the content of the page.

Generally, it is advised that a call to action is located under an image or beneath the comments section.

3.) Utilize the Power of Content

The quality of the content plays an important role in determining the success of the landing page.

Further, the choice of language & the selection of words also plays a vital role in determining the success rate of the landing page. Let us have a look at the points below-

a.) The content should be good enough to capture the imagination of the reader to create a sales-crushing landing page.

b.) There should be the usage of certain power words to attract traffic on the landing page.

Good quality content with the usage of power words increases the chances of provoking a response from the reader.

The content should be written in such a way that it solves the problems of the readers & this results in the landing pages becoming more enticing.

4.) Create Something Special

If you are successful in creating something unique & special, then automatically your landing page will be different and better than others. This will result in more conversions on the landing page and the people will visit your landing page again & again. Further, lets us read the below points-

a.) A sales crushing or successful land page promotes higher engagement with the viewers.

b.) A stunning landing has several unique selling points, and it could be a good image, attractive video, or good content.

So, you should brainstorm various ideas for giving a unique selling point to the landing page.

This a because a landing page with a U.S.P. attracts a lot of first-time visitors as well on the page.

5.) Social Proof

Social proof is a type of persuasion for enhancing the conversion rate on the landing page by bringing in new visitors.

Further, social proof is a kind of promotion of your achievements on the landing page and it usually results in a high conversion rate. Ways of displaying social proof on your landing page are-

a.) a proper count on the number of signups;

b.) utilizing prompts from social media in online networks;

c.) showcasing your achievements such as awards & certificates;

d.) displaying customer testimonials.

Thus, by using the above information, you can use legitimate social proof to your advantage.

Further, by using social proof, you can generate a lot of traffic on your website.

6.) Unique Selling Proposition

A good example of a name that shows uniqueness in terms of services they offer on their landing pages is Incrementors.

A point of differentiation is added for creating a unique selling proposition. The landing page should have a unique selling proposition, as having a USP allows the organization to have a specific benefit for the users. These benefits are mentioned below-

a.) Having a good unique selling proposition helps the customers in getting an idea about why they should care.

b.) This sets clear expectations for them.

Thus, having a unique selling proposition is very important as it helps the customers in understanding more about the landing pages.

Further, it helps in making it clear to the customers how to develop a unique selling proposition.

7.) The Page Should be Mobile Friendly

If the page is mobile-friendly, then there are websites & Google Chrome extensions which can help. This one is exceptionally good & it lets the users choose various tablets & mobile. Let us have a look at the points below-

a.) Google offers to run the page through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

b.) This helps in verifying whether the page is responsive across all mobile devices.

If the landing pages are mobile-friendly, then you can access them on compact devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Further, the responsiveness of the mobile devices is very high and the landing pages operate well on the page.


Above were the 7 ingredients of a sales-crushing landing page.

If you adhere to the above key ingredients, then you will surely attain a sales-crushing landing page. Also, it is important that the customers should be receiving the advantages of a landing page.

So, in order to avail the advantages of a sales-crushing landing page, you can follow the above points mentioned in the article.

Hope you liked the article. Happy Reading!!

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General FAQs

What are the elements of a landing page?

Here are the five core elements of a high-converting landing page:
– Clear unique selling proposition (USP)
– Engaging hero shot.
– Compelling benefits.
– Inspirational social proof.
– Strong call to action (CTA)

What makes a good sales landing page?

A good landing page should have a strong offer and be able to explain why the offer is valuable in clear and concise terms. Most effective landing pages confirm the offer with the headline and use the sub-heading for further explanation of the offer or to share the value proposition.

What makes a high converting landing page?

A high-converting landing page is one that instantly compels visitors into clicking the CTA button and becoming leads. And multiple landing pages targeted to different audiences and ad campaigns can substantially increase your conversions.


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