Using The Hashtag In Your Online Marketing Strategy



Many English words have been added to the dictionary and have become accepted and used a term, such as the hashtag. Use either a hashtag is essential, but do we know how to do it? How to use it? … We know very well how to use to get the most out of it by increasing the vision of our content and improving our online marketing strategy.

What does the word hashtag?

Hashtag is a string consisting of one or more concatenated words and preceded by the pound sign (#). It is a way to label one or more words to identify them quickly and give them greater relevance. It can be located anywhere in the post of social networks.

The # symbol, called a hashtag, started on Twitter but has spread to other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr and Pinterest. Their role in social networking can seem confusing, but it is important to know how to use them.

People use hashtags to find information and if we properly labeled our post we will increase our relevance thereby, getting results out of people who did not even know us.

For this reason, the choice of hashtag should be considered within our online marketing strategy and we must take time to think about the most appropriate.

Advantages of using hashtags in online marketing strategy

  • It allows grouping and tracking issues.
  • Facilitates content search.
  • They are found more easily.
  • It allows to monitor conversations.
  • Increases the scope and visibility of the post.

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What should we keep in mind when creating a hashtag in our marketing strategy online

  1. Characters not allowed. Spaces are not allowed in the hashtag. So if you want to create a hashtag with several words, we do not recommend more than three, it needs to be written together. Nor they allowed the question marks, exclamation, accents …
  2. Check if new. If you want to promote an event or campaign you create your own label. Verifies that has not been used on another occasion and that she’ll reach your target audience. If the hashtag is already in use you can interrupt your conversation and deface your content.
  3. Choose well the words. Note that you must focus on the message you want to convey and must never lose sight of the brand identity. Avoid using hashtags too long and incomprehensible. Both capital letters and accents do not alter search results. Use capital letters to emphasize different words.
  4. Analyzes the hashtag already created. To get an idea of hashtags that can work and those who do not discusses there already created, and even analyzes using your competition.
  5. Market. You should always take into account the market you want to reach and adapt to their vocabulary. We know that you are interested or you can call your attention.
  6. Discloses the hashtag. Spread it on all social networks, blog, web to publicize it because without it, not generate conversations. Please note the time of release as this will influence the success of the campaign.
  7. Do not include sensitive feelings or situations that might harm the message and brand image. You should also be aware that the empty spaces are not covered. Nor does the question marks, quotation marks, commas, periods …
  8. Creativity. Hashtags should be concise, catchy and unique to the brand. Make sure it’s easy to remember and write as if users can not write properly and lose the information about it.

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When to use hashtags in our marketing strategy online

The hashtags are often used to join talks on issues such as:

  • Promote events or conferences
  • Disasters or emergencies
  • Holidays or Celebrations
  • Topics of general interest
  • Popular hashtags
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Conduct contests or promotions
  • Product Releases

Using hashtags according to the social network

Labels are a tool to investigate, group, communicate and interact; all depends on the type given by creating the hashtag and we use social network use.

  • On Twitter: used to sort the contents into categories. 1-3 hashtag tweets are 55% more retweets. Integrate it as part of the text.
  • Instagram: useful to complement shared photos. You can put all the hashtag you want up to 30, since in this network will be not penalized for it.
  • Google+: they are used to classify content. The interesting thing is that this network search results on Facebook or Twitter hashtags. And it allows use both post how in the comments, which increases our chance of being found.
  • Tumblr: allow categorize the interests of users.
  • Facebook: Using it gives us lists of messages containing the hashtag. The search is not limited to our contacts, which will help us make more people see our post and increase our visibility. Use 1 or 2 labels per publication.

You know that is important to use the hashtag trend since the same way you can get popularity, also disappear. You have to be efficient enough to see this trend and use it in the most relevant way.

In short, the hashtag should be an essential element in your social networking strategy making the difference in the scope and visibility of your content.


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.