What Is Social Prospecting?

Social Prospecting

Social Prospecting

Have you ever heard of Social Prospecting? Sure, but you know what it is? If you know anything about Inbound Marketing, you know that your marketing strategy will not be complete without a good communications plan in Social Media. And that is precisely where your most loyal customers will share all the advantages and benefits of your product or service and everyone can see it. What better propaganda?

The question is how can I attract customers through Social Media? Clearly it is essential to integrate new strategies for social survey that allows us to find potential customers social networks.

From here it is clear that within the social community can distinguish two main groups: our fans and others. This is where comes the Social Prospecting, the art of active listening. What it comes flee monitoring mentions and keywords to really know what they say the people who make the social community.

Thus, through the Social Prospecting, we can identify our potential customers and create engagement with them through quality content that appeals to our site and allow us to accompany them in the conversion funnel.

How do we define the Social Prospecting?

After all this, we can define the Social Prospecting as the art of listening to users through social networks, identify and generate engagement with them through interesting content that appeals to our website or store.

And best of all, each social network has its own tools to help you in your strategy Social Prospecting. Each requires different actions to carry out that active listening in social networks and to generate leads for your business. As mentioned earlier, this goes far beyond monitoring keywords. The idea is to get everything you can do for business users more effectively.

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 How does the Social Prospecting work?

As I mentioned in previous paragraphs the idea is to listen to the community, so the main thing is to perform a good monitoring of all matters that may be related to our business. Forget the keywords for which you define yourself as a company and looking for those for which you seek your potential customers.

We must conduct a thorough search to identify those interesting topics that have content to share and join existing conversations on the subject in which we can contribute something interesting.

If you still have questions about how to make Social Prospecting, Inbound Marketing Agency posizionate has created an interesting ebook on this subject.

Ebook – Making Social Prospecting – PosizionateHoy day there are millions of active users on the most popular platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. The real marketers know this is a huge opportunity to get leads through social networks and enhance their brand with Social Media and, no doubt, that the Social Prospecting can help us in this task.

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