WordPress Tips: How to Start a Free Blog on WordPress.com

WordPress Tips How to Start a Free Blog on WordPress.com

WordPress is one of the most popular free blogging platforms which has a number of features to make your blog excellent. 

Using WordPress, you can easily start free blogging, submit articles and posts for your readers. Moreover, this is the most inspired platform for those who want to explore their hobbies and earn money through blogs and articles. Especially for the businesses, it can be a great opportunity to represent their services perfectly.

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WordPress blogging would be easier if you know some basic things otherwise it might be difficult for you. If we talk about the benefits of WordPress blogging, it has a number of features and functionality to make a blog more effective and beneficial.

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WordPress offers many plugins which can be used in making a blog more attractive and impressive to your readers. A good representation is the first impression that can steal your reader’s attention. There is an option of customization which allows you to make changes in the provided theme and add your own creativity if you have knowledge about it. Many free and paid themes are capable to make your blog more attractive and impressive whether it is a business blog or any other. Now have some easy steps that can help you to start a free blog through WordPress development platform. Let’s make it clear to you.

6 Simple Steps to Start a Free Blog on WordPress.com

1. Sign up and choose a homepage layout

This is the very first and the most imperative step that you need to follow. When you think to start a free blog on WordPress, it always asks to sign up or create a WordPress account. Creating a WordPress account is not a difficult task, within a few minutes you can easily create your own WordPress account.

After that, you need to choose a homepage layout. Here you will see four possibilities and you need to pick one of them. Read all four recommended layouts and choose one of them to begin your free WordPress blogging. Later on, we can move further to the next step.

Wordpress homepage layout

2. Select a theme for your blog

A theme means what your free WordPress blog look like and will shown in front of your readers. Therefore, you must have to choose an effective theme and read the entire functionality. WordPress offers many free themes that you can check in the list but if you are looking for the advanced options then you can check paid themes as well. Laser, you can change images and color according to your need or choice. There are many options in themes and you can choose one of them that matches your blog content. What do you think? Definitely, it is a great way to start a free blog on WordPress.

WordPress Blog Theme

3. Choose blog address or blog name

Usually, it is quite difficult to choose a catchy and unique blog name on WordPress because most of the same stuff is already taken. Sometimes, people make it messy due to less patience and less time. Here what we are suggesting to you is that you should take some time to think about it and make your ideas creative to find a unique and catchy blog address or blog name on WordPress.

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4. Make your plan

When you will complete the above basic steps then you need to complete another step which is click on “select free” button. If you are looking to start a free WordPress blog, always choose free version instead of paid version. The reason is that the paid version can be pretty expensive and will give you many advantages hence a free version would be better.

Wordpress Plan

5. Customize your blog

Now you are almost done! But before you can start blogging you need to verify your email address.

Simply head over to your mail and hit the “verify” link . Once you have done that, feel free to log in from http://wordpress.com/wp-admin

Wordpress LoginCustomizing your blog and creating your first post – After complete all these steps, now you need to log in to your WordPress account to customize or start your WordPress blog. You will find the WordPress dashboard quite easy to use and user-friendly as well.

However, before you start blogging, you might want to change the theme – the design of your blog. You can do it by clicking on “Appearance” -> “Themes” (at the left sidebar).

At this step, if you want to change the current theme, just follow a few steps and make it happen. You can choose a theme according to the design of your blog. WordPress development allows you to make all these things easier.

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As you can see, there are lots of different themes. Some of them are paid, some of them free. Don’t go crazy and buy a premium theme right away because the prices are quite high. Start with a free theme and see how it goes.

Wordpress Themes

To activate the theme, click on “active”. There’re more than 200 different themes to choose from so feel free to use other themes.

6. Adding new pages and blog posts

To create new posts and pages you have to use the dashboard options. For posting use “Post” -> “New” and for pages use “Page” -> “Add new”.

So let’s create first blog post and see how it goes. In order to do that, you have to click on “Post” and then on the “Add new”. After Completed Click on the “Publish” Button.

Add New Post WordPress

Download PDF – WordPress Tips: How to Start a Free Blog on WordPress.com

These are some precious and simple steps that will make free WordPress blogging easier for you. This post definitely will help you to start your free blog on WordPress within a less time. In case, you find any difficulty, read the steps again try it from the beginning. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.


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