YouTube Music Key Closes Its Doors To Welcome YouTube Network

YouTube Network

YouTube Network

Since last October, YouTube Music Key has closed its doors without passing its beta version

We although still in phase or trial period, the service streaming music from YouTube, launched a year ago, has closed its doors late last year without being able to cross the limits set by its beta version, we mean Music Key.

This was directly announced the popular video platform, ensuring that the service will be officially launched and as a result, offer no support of any kind for the same. According to a statement sent via email, YouTube subscribers notified Music Key service close its doors. In this way, users who want to listen to music regardless of annoying ads may do so now through Network service YouTube.

YouTube Network is a streaming music service payment, which offers the first fully free month to its subscribers, once completed month trial, must pay the sum of US $ 9.99 per month. Unfortunately, this service is not yet available in Spanish territory for now is only available for the United States of America.

For this reason, users who reside outside the US. UU left without any services streaming music from YouTube, or the already expired Music Key or the new network, which will probably end up sending your prospects to other competing services like Spotify and own Apple Music. YouTube Network was introduced in late October and began operations the same month, more precisely on Wednesday October 28.

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Youtube Red

YouTube Network will provide access not only to musical content but also audiovisual although the monthly subscription will be more expensive than its predecessor

By paying the monthly subscription, users will have access YouTube Network not only to music but also audiovisual content, ie videos. The cost of the service has been a rise in the price paid by the users of Music Key as the monthly payment was US $ 7.99, now must pay $ 2 more, or US $ 9.99 as I pointed out earlier.

Despite the exclusivity of service to the US. UU, YouTube has announced plans to launch the YouTube service network in other countries, but will not until well into 2016, so some hope is there that the service reaches the Iberian Peninsula in the coming months.


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