Importance Of Videos For Your Ecommerce

Importance Of Videos For Your Ecommerce

Power your ecommerce with videos that leave your visitors with open mouth

Although the production of high quality videos for e-commerce website can be difficult considering how expensive the equipment and specialists, no doubt that the investment may be worth much worth. In fact, then we speak about the importance of videos for Ecommerce and why its adoption is very convenient through a study by Animoto.

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The most important data on e-commerce videos

First, you should know that the videos appear in 14% of Internet search results. That is, when consumers are looking for a specific product, 14% of the results shown, may be a product video. If within that percentage no videos of the products offered appear, then you will be losing a significant audience.

Not only that, Google also has said that video campaigns soon be grouped like any other ads via Adwords, which means that videos will soon be more relevant in the Google search results.

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Another important aspect to note is that 73% of people who see a product video, are more likely to buy it. The most fundamental thing to consider is that the videos for products make purchases faster, which is the largest and most important reason is needed as a seller.

Ecommerce has to do with that 71% of consumers think that the videos better explain the features or characteristics of the product.

One aspect that attracted the most attention of why the videos are so important in the Ecommerce has to do with that 71% of consumers think that the videos better explain the features or characteristics of the product. Videos of fact can be used to clarify many doubts as customers can see the products in action and compare them in real life unlike what little can be achieved through a static image.

In addition to the above, it is also known that 57% of consumers are not surprised when they get their products once they have seen the video. This is great because as you know, consumers are not surprised by their purchases are also those who end up happier and therefore are less likely to return the product.

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But perhaps the most important fact is that 58% of shoppers considered Ecommerce companies showing their products in video, are in fact more reliable than those that do not.

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