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With the boom of Smartphones and Tablets, it has become evident the need to look for pages to download music for free as it is well known that most of us love to listen to good music everywhere, even more when we are not at home. For this reason, in this article we are going to present a list of the best websites where you can download free music, totally original and of high musical quality. 

The usual thing is that we look for music to listen to through the Internet either in audio or in videos and we also want to store it on the hard disk of our PC in order to listen to it or use it without having to be connected to the network. In addition, from the PC we can later transfer it to the different mobile devices in order to access and listen to free music at any time and in any place.

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You need to understand that accessing free music requires you to trust the credibility of the website. In this regard, it is important to go with old and trustworthy names that have been around for a very long time. If you want to make your music download process hassle-free, you can simply visit https://thenewpiratebay.org/. This platform has always been at the forefront of helping users with free and credible content, whether it is in the form of the latest music files, or movies, eBooks, software and more.

In addition, with the rise of audiovisual content, more and more people are becoming professional in the edition of videos and they need musical resources to achieve creations with an excellent finish. But beware!!. We must know the pages to download free music that are legal and that respect the rights of the artists, not all the websites that we find do. That is, we have to look for those that have music to download by Creative Commons license.

It seems that the download of free music online is synonymous with piracy and is somewhat illegal, but it is not quite so. Although it is true that free music has some limitations in terms of access to favorite songs that are usually those of the best known artists. But that does not mean that we can not access a large number of high quality artists who share their songs through the different modalities of Creative Commons licenses. Even some of the most famous artists who have thousands of followers have this type of license so that their followers can download original music without paying for it.

These are the 10 best sites to download music for free 

On this occasion we have prepared a selection of different websites to download free high quality music that you can then listen to without Internet connection, either on your own computer, your mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player. As well, it will be useful for you to use it in your video editing projects completely free of charge.

Most of the free music download pages that we share below have a wide collection of songs to listen to from all genres, so it is almost certain that you will be able to find just the type of music that you like the most and you can free download.

In this case, we are not going to offer you any kind of program to download music, but it is about pages to download music for free online. Which, have the option to download free music directly and listen to it wherever you want. Since the rights are Creative Commons. So you can access both from Apple devices and Windows.

1- Mp3Skull


Without doubt one of the best pages to download free music in MP3 format, which has remained in the taste of users for several years. The format of the website is very simple, basically consists of a search box at the top of the page, along with a Top downloads, plus a very complete list of the music that is currently playing. So if you are looking for pages to download music for free and legally, this is a very good option. Since you will find some of your favorite songs Or do you prefer the complete album ?.

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Users can search and download free music by artist name, song or album. To download free MP3 music, you just have to right click on the “Download” link and then select “Save link as”. It is worth mentioning that the songs can also be downloaded in the form of a ring tone. From here, you can already listen and enjoy the high quality music downloaded. Mp3Skull

2- Last.fm Music + Box

Music Box

It is one of the best pages to download free music that has one of the largest music directories on the Internet, where you can also download free music, even without having to register on the site. On this website you can find a wide range of musical genres: from songs of the most rock, to romantic music. From your favorite artists, to newer and unknown artists.

To download music for free, you just have to take a couple of steps. As soon as you sign in, you will find all the free music downloads available and each of the songs has a music download button that lets you save the mp3 audio file on your computer. Although there is a wide musical variety available, some organization is missed since the music appears as a list of songs of all genres. However, there is no doubt that it is one of the best pages to download music for free.

A detail that is worth mentioning, is that the free download is possible for some songs. The original music of little-known artists is completely free, although for downloading songs or albums by famous artists, the page redirects us to the purchase of these. Last.fm

3- Jamendo


Jamendo is another of the best pages to download music for free, but it also gives you the option to simply listen to your favorite music while surfing the Internet. So you decide if you want to download music for free, or listen to music for free.

There are up to 3 million songs available. It has a wide portfolio of musical genres and many artists that are completely free and 100% legal. Even these audio tracks can be used for your videos, commercial projects, as well as multimedia projects by obtaining a license. You can imagine that the quality of the download is excellent and totally original. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best websites to download MP3 music. The best thing is that you do not need to register in the service to access to download music for free, you have access as guest users. Jamendo

4- Mp3world


Another of the best pages to download free music in Mp3 online, very similar indeed to Mp3skull and also with a very varied collection of musical genres and artists. It has a search box where you can directly search the songs based on your name or your interpreter to download free music.

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You can download all the original MP3 music, the songs you want and with high quality. The best thing about this is that this page facilitates the download of the album of the selected song.

The page shows a top with the 30 songs with more downloads, in addition to the most recent songs to download that have been added. There is also a section where the content that is fashionable appears. You can play and listen to the music before downloading it.

I explain how to download music: to save the audio file you just have to right click on the “Download” button and then select the option “Save link as …” and in a few seconds you will have downloaded the song to your PC. Mp3world

5- NoiseTrade


From this web page you can find a lot of musical compositions and download original music of high quality. The only drawback, so to speak, is that to download music you need to register for the service. Outside of that, NoiseTrade has a very elegant user interface that facilitates navigation through the different sections. Among the musical genres that you can find we highlight, for example, alternative music, blues, jazz, pop, classical, metal, rock, dance, instrumental and country. Among the different pages to download free music, this is one of the most varied musical genre, a good number of artists on their lists and is a very interesting website to download original MP3 music.


Another interesting thing about this page is that in each artist tab you can see the videos of the most known song of each artist posted on YouTube. This helps enormously in deciding whether to add this to your favorites or not.

On the other hand, and although the downloads are completely free, if there is an option to leave tips to the authors of the songs. If you feel generous, it is a good idea to support them so that they continue generating this type of original and quality content. NoiseTrade

6- Musopen


In this case, it is one of the pages to download free music with focus on the instrumental style, with the main objective of learning and teaching how to play musical instruments through its content. The interesting thing is that you can also find scores and educational material for different music instruments, as well as you can search according to the composer, the interpreter or even the instrument. The only downside is that you also need to have a user account in order to download the songs. If you are looking for a good page to discard free instrumental music, you are sure to love it. Musopen

7- Vimeo

Although it seems weird talking about downloads of songs since it is not a place to be cited when talking about where to download music. Vimeo is also one of the best pages to download free music since this video portal has a pretty decent music library. Unfortunately it does not offer many search filters to locate all the songs, but even so there is very good music that may interest you and which you can download for free.

I explain how to download music: if you click directly on the green download icon that accompanies each song, the page will ask you to register or log in to download the file, however this is not necessary as you only have to do Right click on that button and then select the option “Save link as …”.

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It really is not one of the usual music download pages, but you can find many interesting things through videos. Vimeo

8- Wikipedia

Wikipedia Songs

No, we are not crazy, you can also download free music from Wikipedia that although you will not find and download the most current songs, if you will find most of the musical classics of Vivaldi, Corelli, Martinu, Bartok, Monteverdi, Beethoven, among others more. The songs are only available in OGG audio format, there are no filters, no categories, only the url of the song that you can open in another browser tab to listen to the music or right click on it and then select “Save link as … “to download and store the audio track on the PC. Wikipedia

9- YouTube

Youtube Songs

While YouTube is not one of the pages to download free music that offers a direct method to download music from your video portal, that does not mean you can not do it using third-party tools. There are pages like Freemake YouTube to MP3 that allows you to download free YouTube music to play on any device without an Internet connection. All you need is the url of the music video that interests you and then paste it into the corresponding field within the software. Other websites that work in a similar way are 4k Video Downloader and CripGrab. YouTube

10- PureVolume

This is another of the best websites with good music from emerging artists. Although researching it we have seen that they also have songs by well-known artists. Will it be a collection of songs with Creative Commons rights that allow downloads?

The purpose of this page to listen to music is to spread the songs of those artists less known and who are emerging. When accessing it, users can register as either artists or listeners. In addition, you can see different rankings, including the most downloaded songs.

This is not a page solely for downloading MP3 music, but it is also equipped with a series of features designed to listen to music online. You can create personalized playlist, add songs, save your favorite artists … All this, to be able to access the website again and listen to your music.

A functionality that we found very curious is the ability to embed the songs on your website. So taking advantage of it.

As you can see, this original MP3 music has nothing to envy to the music of the best known artists. Another one of the most outstanding things that we have been able to find is its Youtube channel, where we can find videos with recordings of songs by these artists in a studio. Both the videos and the recordings are of high quality. Look at this example:

How can you check, there are many options to download music for free and without using any type of program for it. But that if, make sure that when you use them for something other than listening to music privately, the songs downloaded have Creative Commons license. PureVolume 

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