10 Golden Rules For A Community Manager

10 Golden Rules for a Community Manager

10 Golden Rules for a Community Manager

In the world of communication 2.0, specifically when it comes to social media, there is no question of publishing, interact and get to be in social networks. A Community Manager should know that there are some golden rules that allow you to perform the job as serious and responsible professional that characterizes it.

That is why, taking into account the request of several users who have had doubts about what to consider when talking about Social Media, I bring you:

10 Essential Rules for a Community Manager

1. Knowing your brand: If you are a Community Manager in training to know that creating a digital marketing plan must know well the traditional strategy / relationship marketing is conducting these representing the brand. In other words, to provide a comprehensive and effective service through the digital channels of your organization, you must know the services or products that your brand offers fine.

2. 100% online: When it comes to Social Media, must take into account that it is a job of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This does not mean you will not have time to rest, but you must be attentive to your community and not neglect it, for a time delay means possibly losing a potential customer. That is why a Community Manager is well recommended to anyone who loves their brand regardless of the sacrifices of minutes spent their work on a day off from work.

3. Listen to Community: Your community recognizes you’re a good Community Manager if you know listen; but you should not limit yourself to only hear complaints or criticism, as they become accustomed to get you alone for that. Listen from my experience involves answering concerns, compliments, questions and complaints; accept thanks, reviews and feedbacks that help the growth of your brand, whether corporate or personal.

4. All your users are influential: I’ve always said that all Community Manager must have some knowledge of public relations. You must segment your different audiences taking into account their different characteristics, such as who your audience, your potential referents (which may recommend the brand) and your community general. Esto not only help you understand your job not only will measure by the level of engagement with your users, but also that each individual user can influence some aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

5. Be careful what you post: to your followers are interested in how you sleep, if your brand sells mattresses. A CM should know well what you want to communicate and how to communicate. A clear example would be, say you drive a Facebook profile and your last 10 photos were related to parties and alcohol, how do you think your users perceive you ?, that’s the point.

6. Update and optimize your content: It is a golden rule always update the contents once you published. The contents do not deteriorate by time or stop driving because the world of communication 2.0. Optimize the content will help you to remain always current and your community concerned, he remembers that the quality is the most important thing. A quality product will determine its lifetime.

7. You should always be concrete: Community Manager If you know that brevity is extremely important. Be brief will let you efficiently meet community and also help you distribute your time. Remember, you must not associate with ease soon, for your community deserves your attention and respect.

8. Driving digital channels deftly: A Community Manager must not only learn to manage social networks with knowledge and agility, must also know the importance of maintaining an updated and constantly updated website. Like a social network without interaction and without community, a website without content is intended to be deleted.

9. You know the importance of advertising: You’ll know if you want to get good results in the new market of digital communication, you must invest to achieve it. If you want your community to grow and that users of the digital world to talk about your brand, you need to invest to get it; but you also know that if you want to get these results you should be creative and original. Remember that success is measured not only by the content but the way in how you communicate.

10. Persevere: It would be a lie to say that everything will always be successful, it can function as a strategy may not; however be Community Manager involves very persistent and not give up. As a tip, I can tell you that Social Media is not a separate issue of traditional media, must integrate all your strengths to achieve your strategies to obtain the best benefit for your brand.

 Remember: Being Community Manager is not just talk about social networks is to evaluate that we speak of human communication.

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