10 Tips To Exploit The Potential Of Pinterest

10 tips to exploit the potential of Pinterest

10 tips to exploit the potential of Pinterest

In the world of social media, Pinterest in a social network that gives more importance to the visual content. Since its launch, the platform has grown exponentially and of course, if you have a viralizante potential but little known, so in this post we will show how to exploit the potential of this powerful network.

Why should I be in Pinterest?

If your company has an online store or you have a blog or website, you must have a profile on the network, what why? simple options through its visual content redirects to the website from which comes the image, this not only increases the number of visits, but potentially the number of sales.

Thus, Pinterest has become a powerful marketing tool, it is a showcase where they can showcase your products, services and content. You need to successfully advertise on Pinterest and hiring best Pinterest Advertising Agency will get this job done.

In addition, all advantages, potential buyers can find you through the filter selection of topics of interest or even by the search. On the other hand, it offers the ability to move your followers to other social networks where you have your brand presence and at the same time spread your content through the ability to share in other networks.

Now How to get the most out of Pinterest?

1. Optimizes profile: Connect account with Facebook and Twitter profiles and add the URL of your website or blog. This will help to disseminate the products or messages, branding and increase traffic and get more followers.

2. It sets a good structure on the boards: a name that clearly indicates the content is in each one of them and a good description are essential, in this way the user who is interested in your pin can easily find them. Create as many as you need not limit yourself, the more specific and difernciados be your best boards.

3. Use good quality images: Remember that this is the biggest attraction of this network, if your pictures are not good enough can be missing opportunities.

4. Connects pictures: if you do not add the links are not doing anything, you could be losing potential conversions. Each image should redirect the user to a web address correctly, according to your goal, a page of your website or blog, either to your website or online store services. Whatever your goal is essential to link the images.

5. Post daily: the revitalization is an important part of each strategy, have a continuous activity lets you gain visibility, and increase user interaction with your content.

6. Post videos: you did not know in this network can also make use of this resource, if you work with this type of content do not forget to post them, that almost nobody knows. Mark the difference!

7. Optimize content: any publication you make to options must be accompanied by a good description, remember that through the image caught the attention of the user and hook them succeed in the text. Here you can add your twitter user and when the pin is shared with other platform users to identify the author of the content.

8. Share: public content that can be shared across the network on Facebook and Twitter. You dinamizarás network and attract your faithful followers to the other platform.

9. Interact: do not expect to always come to you, go for them: ‘pinea’ said pins other says ‘I’. Whenever you can interact with your followers and users. Enjoy very recently that the platform incorporates messaging system to generate conversations around the pins.

10. Add buttons options: on your website or blog not forget to add the ‘follow me’ options button that links directly to your account and not forget to add the button ‘pin it’ to your content to your audience share In the net.

Pinterest, as we have said, it is a great showcase, and as you said its co – founder, is a tool that not only aims to help in making decisions: what to wear, what to eat, places to visit, how to decorate my room. For some it is seen as a tool to teaching in various subjects, for others it is an e-commerce and even a digital magazine, do you already know what you want it? Exploits the potential of this network: you use the tricks that we gave you, and above all, pinea intelligently and providing valuable content.

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