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Web Marketing for Ecommerce

Web Marketing for Ecommerce

Have you thought about including financing in your online store? These are the two main benefits

  1. Including financing in your online store increases sales and conversion.
  2. Offering the payment in installments, the average caddy of the cart increases.

The most common online payment methods are payment by card and with Paypal, the first being the undisputed leader. However, there are many other methods of payment that we can integrate into our ecommerce, each with its characteristics and concrete benefits for customers. 

The most common online payment methods are payment by card and with Paypal Click To Tweet

Depending on the particularities of our business we must opt for some or other payment systems. But what has to be clear always, to improve the customer experience, is to facilitate the transaction to the maximum. Therefore, one of the options that are proposed is to include financing for customers in online stores, especially for those whose products have a high price.

The key to this method of payment is the added value we bring. We introduce the possibility of financing the purchase online and therefore we expand the possibilities of payment for our customers. In short, we open the door to those users who are reluctant to buy high-priced products or services over the Internet.

Many well-known online merchants offer financing. However, it is often slow processes in which the purchase of the customer is paused until the financial approval. The key is to use new platforms that think beyond traditional payment methods, in which the granting of credit is done immediately.

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In addition to the speed of the transaction, you also have to take into account the security of the platform. It is necessary that the payment system that we choose for our ecommerce has both characteristics. For example, one of the new online financing services that is being imposed for its quality of service is Instant Credit, Europe’s first multifamily online platform. He is able to approve the installment payment instantly and safely. Find out on their website

If you are considering expanding the methods of payment of your ecommerce as a new marketing strategy, to attract more customer, pay attention to this review of the benefits of offering financing in an ecommerce: 

1. Increase sales and conversion

If we include the financing of online purchases as an alternative payment in our store, we will increase sales and business conversion. As we have commented, we will capture those users who are normally reluctant to make purchases over the Internet with a high price. We offer the possibility of paying something expensive in comfortable terms, something that is always much more attractive. The perception of the purchase is different: it is not the same to pay paying 500 euros at once to pay 50 euros a month for ten months.

In addition, it has a direct impact on the average ticket of the online store, which will be significantly increased. With the possibility of paying in installments, the buyer is more likely to add more items to the cart or products of higher price.

2. It sets you apart from the competition

Nowadays it is not common to offer installment payments in many ecommerce. And often, when this possibility is offered, it is transferred to external financiers who eternalize the buying process.

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That is why including a fast and easy online financing financing system can be the key to getting the attention of new prospects. We will be differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering something that they do not have. This competitive advantage can be very beneficial to online trading.

In addition, the fact that the shopping experience is more comfortable and more satisfactory will put into action the recommendation mouth-ear so necessary for any business.

3. Instant credit granting

Not all online financing services have a credit approval or funding system immediately. Therefore, another point in favor is to choose those services that have developed a rapid, instant financing process.

The key is to offer better service than we already know. If our customer does not have to wait, since at the same time of the purchase he will be able to know if they grant the credit, the experience of the purchase will be much more positive.

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The issue, moreover, is to make sure that the procedure is fast for both the buyer and the trade. Make sure that the funding platform you choose for your ecommerce pays you the amount of the purchase quickly, once the credit is approved.

4. Financials behind the service

This point is very important, since depending on the financial behind the payment platform the service will be more or less effective. It is always more advisable to have several financings, to increase the possibilities of granting the credit. That is why multi-financial services like the one we discussed above, Instant Credit, are an option to consider within the strategy. 


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