Create M-Commerce To Increase Sales?



When we talk about the world of mobile marketing that we hear that all businesses must have app. As the digital boom when all businesses should have their own web. Often aimless increase sales or generate brand, just by being on the network.

But is that true or as demonstrated by the fact, can survive without web app without. Yes, your business will be vetoing the enormous potential of mobile applications in a world that is increasingly ‘mobile’, including increasing sales and loyalty.

The first thing to do is detect whether or not our business needs a mobile strategy. Not all companies need this, simply alternative options that can serve to be present in the mobile.

Yet this doubt assails in the minds of those responsible for online stores or e-commerce. Especially because with high access information from the Internet much more complicated purchasing process, there are many more variables and steps that the client before buying something. Let’s look more closely at why it may be interesting to have a m-commerce.

Queries from mobile

Mobile users are increasingly taking advantage commuting and short waits to see products and services. And they do so from mobile devices, generally with internet access or data rates.

It is for this reason that in the process of buying future customers the mobile becomes important. Especially in the early stages of consultation and information search. But we can also use the channel ‘mobile’ to publicize our product or service.

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In addition, the process of finding information, reviews and comparison with other products is longer, but also more immediate. From our mobile device we can know everything right away. So we must be the first to reach our potential customers.

Increase sales with a m-commerce

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The example may be that of any retail business: Zara, Mango, H & M, etc. Since both products are available, compared to similar competitive products and even save those who like us to complete the purchase later.

Increase Sales: Closing from the desktop

Although the role of mobile devices can be crucial, most sales are closed from the desktop. That makes us see that even if the user investigates the product with your smartphone or tablet checkout from home. The motives?

  • Faster management: it is more likely to have all the information and data they ask us to hand.
  • More security customer’s eyes: we know well the shopping environment from ‘desktop’, we feel more comfortable and safe.
  • A process to which we are accustomed: we are more agile, since it is more likely to have made a purchase in any e-commerce, but not from the mobile.
  • More accurate interaction: use the mouse we click very efficiently. But do from the touch screen can be torture if you have a mobile small.

Development cost vs. Return of investment

When ask how we invest in be present in the mobile of our customers also we have to think about the budget. Obviously it costs the same to create a web ‘responsive’ to do native applications for our business. The second option is definitely more expensive.

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Generally the same way when we created an app we want to recover the investment. Although the return on investment may not be easy if our app is not intended to sell. In some cases the return becomes loyalty of our customers, or get new through it.

For example applications like Amazon know very well how to transform visits to their products in your app sales. They do techniques – something aggressive – re-marketing through the mail, and many e-commerce also used. When you save a product as favorite, a ‘wish list’ or leave it in the shopping cart, you get an e-mail to resume buying. In this way we can get visits from mobile, which are becoming more, and the interest becomes a sale.

But not only that, we must also bear in mind that we bought from increasingly mobile. According to a study Nominalia “purchases via smartphones increased by 68% in 2015 compared to 2014 and now account for 31% of e-commerce in general.” The return on investment from smartphones is increasingly plausible.

Enhance customer loyalty

That is, mobile applications can be an excellent tool to improve the ‘engagement’ of your customers. Whether through coupons and personalized deals for exclusive offers, gamification the app, etc. There are many ways to increase the loyalty of users and customers, and this may be your main goal.

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A good example can serve is to justeat, an application of food at home. It is the perfect example of how you can increase sales directly through a mobile application. They do this by offering discounts and coupons valid only for app. It is a way to increase sales exclusively through the mobile version.

As e-commerce or digital store, create your own m-commerce can help catapult your sales and generate repeat customers and loyal. It will certainly be a good option for businesses that already have a certain turnover and a certain customer base.


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