Digital Marketing Earnings: How Much Money Can You Earn in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Earnings How Much Money Can You Earn In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the medium which has changed the norms of conventional marketing and has gave businesses a new edge to dominate intrinsically over others. 

The channel has seen intensive growth over the last few years, as many businesses and organizations have shifted their focus on this medium to gain competitive advantage in the market.

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So keeping in view that, the jobs in the digital marketing sector has also seen a huge growth and advancements over the last 5 years. As many organizations look up to hire skilled and professional digital marketers to give boost to their brand’s name in the market just like Ultimate Jacket.  So if you are also looking to switch off your job towards the next niche, digital marketing is the channel which you should focus on as there are many opportunities lined up in that niche to give you alluring attraction towards it.

Hence below are some of the statistics described based on different comparisons, about how much you can earn in digital marketing in different sectors and how well it will further fare in the near future.

Salary by Industry:Salary by Industry

The best place where digital marketers would enjoy the stagnant benefits of seamless financial profits is the sector of Retail/wholesale. As the niche offer flawless paybacks to skillful and trained digital marketers and is surely regarded as the best place for their entrancing growth.

While the field of IT & enterprise software comes second in the list of highly paid industry for digital marketers, as there are many opportunities lined up their for skilled professionals who knows how to converge traffic to the business using indifferent traits of digital optimization.

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According to the latest survey done in UK, the highly paid jobs statistics came out for digital marketing last year is given as follows in which Retail/wholesale sector tops the chart with annual income of £42,500.

  • Retail/wholesale – £42,500
  • IT & Internet – £37,500
  • Marketing, advertising & PR – £32,500
  • Media, new media & creative – £32,500
  • Recruitment – £29,750
  • Education – £27,000

Salary by Country:

If made comparison according to salary by country for digital marketing, Australia could be regarded as the heaven for digital marketers. As the country ranks top among all for being highly paid in the field of online marketing. While United states being the pioneer and leader of this flawless medium, comes at second place with the stagnant annual salary of $80,306,86.

Whereas the noticeable fact in this survey is that US constitutes 49.1% of this total survey, and still lefts behind Australia because the country is intrinsically going forward with rapid pace in the technological circuit and there are many opportunities arising there in the same field with growing demand of meticulous digital marketers. You can further get the complete elaboration of the current salaries statistics by the given chart below.

Salary by Country

Salary by Job Discipline:

Though we know that digital marketing is a wide niche which targets many other sub fields inside. Therefore it is important to know which field stays as the top most in terms of being highly paid in digital marketing, and with no astonishing surprises, engineering remains on top of that list. And afterwards, User experience is remarked as the second most profitable niche in that medium.

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Whereas eCommerce and Web analytics rightly gains the 3rd and 4th position of being highly intrinsic jobs in the sub fields of digital marketing. Content marketing and SEO too have shown their impact in the list as the highly paid jobs in the digital circuit. As an overall, the chart below covers all the major fields with their relevant annual income.

Salary by Job Discipline

Salary by Experience:

As according to old sayings, experience always matters the most in any field and so is the case related with digital marketing too. As it is largely seen that, people having more experience in the field are regarded much above than the freshers and millenials. Because they are much trained in contrast to other lesser experienced personals, that is why is rated highly regarded by many organizations and businesses to handle their critical digital marketing jobs like we shared the keyword example, Riverdale Jacket does the justice in all aspects. The below chart rightly shows all the experience based stats on which digital marketing jobs are being highly paid.

Salary by Experience

So what this article concludes is that digital marketing is a wide niche which is continuously growing with time, and so the jobs with it.

Let’s be realistic, every professional today is looking for work flexibility. With Internet and mobile technology as well as encrypted communication channels, businesses can stay connected with anyone in the world. Many employees prefer to work as freelancers. Businesses benefit by recruiting people available in any time zone. This makes it easier to find talented people worldwide.

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As there are many market professionals out there who are getting lot of paybacks working in this field, and that is why the same reason the channel is regarded as the highly paid one in terms of present earning stats and is also predicted to grow more and dominate more seamlessly in the future as well.


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