Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills & Experts in High Demand 2020

Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills & Experts in High Demand 2019

In today’s time, digital marketing jobs are widely trending in every possible industrial sector. No matter it is about a small, medium or large enterprises the job requirement for digital marketers is hot. 

Now, the companies have generated a huge amount of requirement for digital marketers with unique creativity, and effective skill set which can grow their business in all possible directions.

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Digital marketing skills are so in-demand that maximum people in the industry claim their skill gap. Companies actually refining the specified experts of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization Expert, Social Media Marketing Expert, Content Marketing professionals and so.

According to the recent statistics released by experts, both small and large digital media businesses list social media as the topmost required skills. Around 40% of marketing job openings are looking forward to digital expertise skills. Moreover, there are two times job postings with a digital focus compared to five years ago. It has been also confirmed that digital marketing will make up 35% of marketing spending by 2020. In 2016, there were 174,141 digital marketing focused job postings. Digital marketing jobs offer, on average 4-5 lac than other types of marketing jobs.

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Digital marketing is considered as a multi-faceted job which requires diagonal thinking; an ability to be the simultaneously commercial and creative head.

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Following are the key skills attributed to this role:

  • Effective writing ability
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding of consumer behavior and buyer psychology
  • Analytical and numerical abilities
  • Knowledge and experience with social media, PPC, blogging and more
  • Graphic design abilities
  • Web design/development knowledge
  1. Search Engine Optimization Manager

The responsibility of an SEO manager is to build healthy traffic to business websites by leveraging referrals from a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more others. SEO managers must be handy with analytical tools and detailed research about the locations. SEO manager can also open to doing search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

  1. Social Media Manager

The role of social media manager is to develop strategies for a brand’s presence on social channels ranging from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Moreover, they develop marketing campaigns, interact with customers, adjust strategy, and analyze results.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketers develop comprehensive online marketing strategies for companies ranging from small, medium, and large scale businesses. They create a strategy plan containing a little of everything considering all digital aspects including SEO, social media, online advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing and more.

  1. Marketing Assistant

This position of marketing assistant is bind with a wide range of tasks from writing up campaign reports to arranging events. This position is a good point to initiate and build a career in Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai, giving candidates exposure to the many skill sets a digital marketing manager must have.

  1. Marketing Analysts

Digital marketing analysts work on analytics tools to track the success of all digital marketing efforts. They also have the liberty to conduct market research and assist other marketing team members with data-driven digital strategy development.

  1. Content Managers

Content Manager is considered as the most essential part of the digital marketing team as it keeps a company’s online channels updated with the content from blogs to downloadable assets to YouTube and so. They often manage teams of graphic designers, photographers, writers, videographers, and editorial assistants. They also play a role in developing strategies for amplifying and distributing business content.

According to the research from Moz and Fractal, digital marketing ads list these skills as being most essential for incoming candidates:

  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC

Effective marketing data has made it significant for digital marketers to feel comfortable with analysis and metrics. At the same time, the best digital marketing candidates integrate numerical thinking with a unique creative spark.

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A career in Digital marketing is the most efficient choice to make; getting paid to sit on Facebook all day is basically the coolest work to be done, right?

While Digital marketing Courses in Pune does involve a lot of time on social media, blogging and create GIFs, there are so many reasons why this career is a popular one. It is relatively a newly designed industry which is highly consistent enough at an evolving stage. It’s also one of a very few jobs which require a relationship of creative and analytical skills, so you’re always on your toes and never get the chance to utter the phrase ‘my job is so boring’.

What attracts digital marketing as a career option is that there is no linear entry path into this field, although it can make things more straightforward. This field doesn’t ask for any degree in marketing to get a job.  Below are the few designation are available in digital marketing field.

Moreover, a digital marketer needs to work on a wide variety of tasks on a routine basis including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, content marketing, along with analyzing, strategizing, and reporting.

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All these specialized tasks require an absolute set of skills and disciplines. Although a good marketer should be able to competently do everything, the best Digital Marketer usually specialized in one area.


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