Why Every day I Have Less Followers On Twitter?

Followers on Twitter

Followers on Twitter

Surely happened to you … You get to 100 followers one day and are full / a of pride and, suddenly, you come back to look and have 96 … What happened ?, why are gone ?, what have you done wrong? Well, do not miss this post in which I give the answer.

10 possible causes that have fewer followers every day.

1. you are not active

It is one of the most common causes of loss of followers on Twitter. If you stop counting things, surely many of your followers will leave because you are not giving them anything … If you do not write, do not comment, do not participate and are not what for I will follow you ?. To avoid this, try to be active / a and maintain regularity. No need to post a hundred times a day, but not’re three months without posting. Take a look at these applications you can detect inactive users on Twitter.

2. type too

Now let’s look at the opposite case … The users who get bored with hundreds of tweets a day. Remember! are not as interesting or have so much to tell dispenses, please !. It is very annoying to open the timeline and it is full of tweets from the same user.

3. What you count is not relevant

However. If you have nothing to tell it is better to say nothing. Nobody cares what you had for breakfast. Try to have interesting and relevant things that bring something who follows you. If you do not share interesting content your followers will leave.

4. You unfulfilled expectations

Maybe they began to follow by post or given publication they liked and then the following no longer liked them so much. We all happens: One day you do grace and the next Bye, bye !. But not worry excessively. It is normal that sometimes flojeemos and will not fulfill the expectations of those who follow us. My advice here is to continue our efforts to share the best content.

5. Just talking about you, you, you

Only you, and you, you … Do you / the typical / a that only talks about himself / herself, your blog or your company ?. We must try to stop a lake egocentrism. We must share other content that may be of interest to our followers, links from other sites, industry news, events, etc. always talk about my, my, my it pedantic and boring and go out losing.

6. You never respond or interact

This is one of the things that I, personally, most infuriates me! These people who act totally way on Twitter. A mistake I will not forgive! We must always respond to the entries reach us, thank when he plays, dial occasionally a “like”, etc. Social networks are conversations, do not forget, where people talk, ask, answer …

7. You have been impolite

Twitter is an educated network (with exceptions), in which there is a protocol in which insults or bad words have no place. Above all, of course, when we talk about an account or professional profile. Try not to bad sounding words and insults, because if you do it is very likely that some of your fans go to where they came.

8. You talk about personal things (politics, religion, etc.)

In a professional account always try to separate your personal opinions of professionals. If you are a / a professional online marketing, for example, it is almost certain that the people you are following because you offer interesting content on the sector, tips and news … But what happens if you suddenly start talking about politics, criticizing to we or the PP and give your personal views on abortion, religion or the death penalty? Well, it is very likely that many of your followers you leave. I recommend in this case have a personal Twitter and other professional. This will save you many problems and controversies.

9. You have not followed who followed you

There are many Twitter users ( ‘Very many !!) that just make you “follow” for you to do the same and if not, let you follow. This is one of the behaviors that most infuriates me because it discredits the social network and goes against the operation thereof. It is assumed that you must follow Twitter accounts and persons that interest you and that you provide, but not looking that they will continue to change. People who do that have no real interest in what you tell so it is better not to have them on the list of followers.

10. Simply cheating people …

And then there is already the last straw … The super cheats! They are even worse than before. They are easily recognized because they often have a lot of followers but they are very few accounts. Always they act the same way: follow you, follow you return them and, two days later, disappear. They have not stopped following because you’ve been bored or because you’ve been unprofessional, they have done so because they have already achieved what they wanted: to have a new follower. I recommend that if any of these cheats localization users, Twitter bloqueeis to punish him as he deserves ?

I hope you liked my post and thank you very much for reading!


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.