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Freelance Writer

How much does a freelance writer charge in Spain?

Unlike other sectors, there is very little data on the profession of freelance writer. How much do you charge? What tasks does it perform? These and other questions are very recurrent in forums and...
Street Marketing

Triumph online with offline actions

Something common in digital marketers to be so immersed by the digital world, is that many times we lose sight of the offline world. That’s right, and I have to tell you that there...
Cropped typewriter at desk

Keys to creating texts that sell and connect with your customers

We discovered 7 ways to empathize with your potential customers effectively through words. As you already know, in order to be successful with your online store you need that each of the elements present...
Content Marketing

Amplifies Content Marketing Beyond Brand Boundaries

Content marketing is much more than creating content on the company’s own website or brand I have read one and a hundred times articles that talk about content marketing. Almost all of them explain...
Optimize Bounce Rate

Optimize Bounce Rate By Improving The User Experience

When we are creating and positioning our web there are many factors to consider. One of them is to know what visitors want to get into it, seeking or have experience on our website....
Heart Of The Customer

Get To The Heart Of The Customer In Times Of Crisis How Retention And Recruitment Tool

The marketing is changing a lot in recent years. Gone are the campaigns focused on inertia selling, without considering the potential customer, much less generate value to him to campaigns aimed at uncovering market...