Google is testing the results of mobile products

Google Testing Mobile Products

Google Testing Mobile Products

Google is testing new functionality in the mobile search engine and has called it “style ideas”. Now in the image search will show fashionable and related products that you can buy.

As they have commented in the official blog of the giant, the image finder is full of photos to help us find inspiration; Like places to travel, articles to buy, photos of celebrities, art, memes … But when it comes to fashion, it is difficult to know where to start. That is why they are testing with the new functionality “style ideas” that wants to help improve this type of searches. 

Through the mobile search we will be able to see a carrousel type Google Shopping where we will see products that we can buy and as many related.

Style search images handbag

You may think that this new feature will try to compete directly with Pinterest. This social network has positioned itself as one of the main to discover products.

The new function of Google is aimed at people seeking products find in their search engine an assistant in which to search for products and do not need to use portals like Amazon that act as intermediaries. Although obviously, Amazon has a lot of experience and the quality of their searches are for the moment much higher.

If you look at BloomReach’s study of e-commerce, approximately 55% of US consumers start their product searches on Amazon. Obviously, this trend has taken power from Google and the searches that are done in your product search engine.

BloomReach's study of e-commerce, approximately 55% of US consumers start their product searches on Amazon Share on X

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On the other hand, Pinterest is also a powerful tool to find products. In fact, there is an extension of Chrome for Pinterest that allows users to save images that they see through their navigation in case they want to return to the site.

Is Google trying to compete with Amazon and Pinterest? Will you want to master product searches? We look forward to your comments! 


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