How an Appealing Website Design Gives You an Edge over Your Competitors

How an Appealing Website Design Gives You an Edge over Your Competitors

It goes without saying that website design is a one-time investment for building a lifetime of marketing platform. 

With the recent revolution in marketing through digital sources, it is obvious that online marketing would soon overtake all the contemporary forms of advertising.

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What becomes really essential for businesses today is to emphasize on their digital presence with various tools and web design services to highlight themselves online.

Web Design

Website design is one such key attribute that helps websites in a multitude of ways, and we’re going to break down some of the most essentials pros of designing an appealing website. So, let’s dive right into this list of 5 ways in which website designs play a quintessential role in tuning up your website performance.

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1. Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility

One of the most important factors to be considered while designing a website is the attention to visibility. It’s a no-brainer that a visibly-tuned website would significantly help your website visitors to understand all the content clearly, which would, in turn, allow them to stay there for a longer time. This way, not only will your bounce rate fall, but there will also be a significant rise in the overall traffic on your website.

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To understand how that works, think of the several instances where the content on a particular website was too unclear to understand, and then think of how you responded to it. Nobody likes to vague content, nobody. In fact, visibility is believed to be one of the reasons why Facebook was able to beat Orkut since Facebook’s content was more lucid and appealing than the over-stuffed hotchpotch on Orkut.

2. Aid in Search Engine Optimization


Search bots are highly impressed by a variety of factors that are directly promoted through the design of a website. These include average session duration, pages per session and bounce rate, among others. All of these factors are considered based on the behavior of traffic that visits your website. If all things check out in your favor, search engines would have no issues in ranking you higher. And since it’s no secret that higher SERP rank correlates directly to improved website traffic, SEO is another way a good website design indirectly promotes the overall fame of your website.

3. Contribution to Brand Building

Brand Building

An attractive website surely bolsters your business with branding. How exactly does that work? The higher you rank on search engine web results, the more likely it is that your business would be deemed more authentic and branded than the ones below you.

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Online Marketing researches have shown that people would be more likely to trust search results based on their individual search queries than through paid advertising campaigns. The higher you rank on web pages as a direct result of your website design tuning, the more you’ll appear on organic searches, and the better you’ll build your brand name. Once you are brand, increased website traffic will definitely come in handy.

4. Support to Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is one of the key things that are being considered by web designers while designing a website these days. In layman’s terms, responsive website design is what makes websites mobile-friendly, and it is quickly becoming an essential factor for luring traffic in recent times. Mobile searches have long overtaken computer searches, and the gap is only expected to widen in the coming years. Having an efficient responsive web design would always bolster the chances of increasing overall traffic.

5. Reduction in Maintenance Time and Cost

Time and Cost

A well planned-out website design will ensure minimal errors on the website, and that would surely reduce hours of hectic website maintenance that nobody wants. This not only saves you money and time, but it also increases the overall website presence. Conversely, if your website is not properly designed, chances are that you will be spending a whole lot of would-be productive time in plugging out bugs and errors on your webpages, and all your potential traffic would be forced to check out your competitors’ websites.

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It should be quite obvious at this point that bringing down the advantages of a good website to just five points is more arduous than it sounds, as one advantage corroborates to a multitude of additional benefits that boost your online presence. What other advantages of a good website design did we miss?

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