How Machine Learning is Transforming Digital Marketing

Machine Learning

Digital and machine these two words that go hand-in-hand in this modern era. Everything is either progressed onto the online domain or handled by an automated system. Moreover, automated processes or digital business is not something that only the elite or tech wizards accomplish.

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As per a recent study, it is estimated that 85% of customer interactions on the digital markets will have automation handling it by 2020.

Going with this evidence, it is evident that companies small and big are embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning into their process.

Machine Learning

What exactly is Machine learning?

How do human beings grow intellectually from the ability to stand on its feet to the experience of sending people into space? Through constant and meticulous learning, either from surroundings, other experienced people, or through sources. There were countless mistakes and failures along the way to attain perfection.

Similar is the case with computer machine learning, it learns through vigorous research and trial and error methods. After feeding an initial data the process will jumpstart. Over time, it tries to understand and perfect the process until no human intervention is necessary.

How is machine learning affecting digital marketing?

1. Customer service:

Customer Service

Every marketing strategy involves effective customer interaction. For this, there must be a constant and healthy relationship with the customers. Chatbots are doing an exceptional task in maintaining user engagement. It is almost as believable as a live representative.

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Usually, the queries or complaints from customers are repetitive or along the same lines and it would be wasteful to position an employee there. Generally, chatbots manage the first layer of communication and if the situation escalates a representative manages it.

2. Content optimization:

Content Optimization

Digital marketing is all about targeting the right content to the right audience. With machine learning usually optimized in areas where monotony and scheduling prevails, content creation would be the best department for it. By understanding certain market trends and pattern the system can learn the optimal methods to acquire and deliver the content.

Content has to be delivered in a timely manner so that users don’t lose track of the company and tether away. Machine learning can drastically help in performing regular delivery with the right information.

3. Personalization:


When things are specifically catered to you doesn’t it feel great? Any kind of service or product when needed is just a click away?

This is the exact target of many digital marketing campaigns. Great examples of where machine learning takes charge in these areas are in e-commerce platforms and video streaming services. Machine learning digs into user history and analyses previous behaviors, from this personalized recommendation, are presented to them.

Having your favorite types of shows align accordingly or the required brand of product is all the magic of machine learning.

4. Cost:

CostTechnologies and employees that would be otherwise required to perform monotonous or labor-intensive tasks are costly and unnecessary. In the digital marketing domain, lower the costs the better for the company. Since most of the operations take place online, a machine learning system can easily take over these tasks.

Machine learning systems aren’t costly and with the right skill set, a single employee can supervise it. The cost banked up by reducing labor and technologies can also be utilized in the improvement of the system for future security.

5. Marketing strategies:

Marketing Strategies

When dealing with marketing it is paramount to keep a lookout for new and opportunistic paths. This requires a lot of research, analysis, investment if executed manually, but a very rudimentary task for machine learning systems.

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This system captures key aspects in a timeline and converts it into real-time data. This data can help predict future trends for marketing.


The digital marketing industry and machine learning reside on the same end of the spectrum and both entangle very well with each other. The world has come to fruition that marketing automation is a viable path.

It is estimated that by 2023, $25.1 billion will be spent on Digital Marketing and Machine Learning annually.

So it is up to you to either keep trudging on a rocky path or jump on to the wagon to a better future.

General FAQs

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing?

In the world of digital marketing, AI can streamline and optimize marketing campaigns. It can also eliminate the risk of human error. While much of the digital marketing world is still dependent on human ingenuity, an AI program might be able to generate a report using nothing but data.

Is Machine Learning a digital technology?

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as machine learning have been two of the hottest technology trends in the last couple of years. As it turns out, having them work together can be even better.

What is AI in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is science that deals with building intelligent machines that can think and respond like a human. It holds exceptional future opportunities in digital marketing.


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