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Facebook Advertising

Why Facebook for Business?

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms by the users across the world. From the below image it is very clear that how the usage of Facebook over the years has been drastically increased among the users around the globe.

Image Source: Smart insights

This is survey states that the user base of Facebook is increasing in a drastic phase when compared to the other mediums like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Hence Facebook has the enough data about the users across the world and it lets the advertisers to target the audience by providing more demographic & targeting options.

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About Facebook Ads

Facebook allows the businesspeople to target the right audience for their business by using the Facebook as a medium. By using Facebook ads, you can target any kind of audience suited for your business in any location.

Facebook advertising dashboard offers you to target the custom audience based on the various factors like age, gender, likes/dislikes of the users, location, relationship status, work profile, interests, etc.

Facebook Ad Types

Facebook provides different kind of ad types to target the users for your business. As shown in the below image, you can create a Facebook Ad campaign by using various strategies. You can choose the campaign type based on your advertising strategy.

There are various campaign types available in Facebook Ads like brand awareness, reach, traffic, video views, engagement, app install, lead generation, messages, etc.

Suppose if your campaign objective is just to get more reach for your brand among the users from any particular location. Then you can proceed with either Brand Awareness campaign type or Reach type. So, Facebook Ads algorithm will run accordingly to show your ads to as many as people in your audience target to get more reach for your business.

If your campaign objective is to drive more traffic to your business website from the Facebook Ads, then you can create the ads campaign by choosing the Traffic as the campaign objective.

Similarly, if you are planning to get more video views for your brands video, then you can start with the Video Views campaign. Lead generation campaign type will help you to collect the user’s data like name, email, etc in a contact form when they click on your ad. So you can collect the user’s data from Facebook itself by without making them land on your business website.

If you doesn’t have the business website, then you can create one by checking the guide to create a website which is published by me, Dinesh Kumar VM and it’s available on SeekaHost.

Thus, based on the advertising strategy and the campaign goal of your business. You can choose the suitable ad type from the available options and get started with the ad creation.

Targeting options in Facebook Ads

Facebook allows the business owners and the advertisers to target the audience based on various demographic options and the user’s interest. For example, let’s take an example here. I have created an Facebook Ad to drive traffic to one of my blogs related to SEO. So ideally my target users would be the be people who are already working in SEO niche and the users who have interest in SEO.

So I have targeted the SEO niche people and below image shows the audience whom I have targeted to drive traffic to my SEO related blog.

So, for my ad, I have targeted the users who are working in SEO & also the people who are interested in SEO. Similarly, for your business, based on the requirement, you can target the suitable audience set to get the better reach and land the right people to your business website.

How to create the best Ad copy in Facebook?

So far I have shown like how to target the right audience for your business in Facebook. Now I will show how to create the compelling ad copy for your business website. Let’s take an example, So as mentioned earlier, my campaign goal was to land right traffic to my SEO blog from Facebook.

So I have created an Ad copy as like in the below image. So you can see that I have mentioned all the important points what I am trying to convey to the users via my ad. Having the well written and attractive ad copy with the nice featured image will help you drive more traffic to your website with the good click through rate.

So I have created this ad and made live by targeting the audience which I have mentioned in the earlier stage of this blog.

How to measure the performance of Facebook Ads?

At the end of the day ROI matters. Even if you spend more, you should make sure that you have got the right ROI from the ads. Again here let’s take an example. As my campaign objective is to drive more traffic to my SEO blog, from the below image you can see the number of clicks (number of users who landed on my blog) from Facebook to my ad in one day.

This shows that I have got 200+ users to click on my ad and visit my blog from the Facebook ads by just spending like nearly £3. This is a good traffic to get from the relevant users by spending less.

You can also check the traffic data with the analytics and make sure that you have got the right traffic to land on your business website. Similarly, you can track sales and many more things with the help of Facebook Ads.

As a business owner, if you are looking for the best Facebook Ads consultants for your business. Then you can hire consultants from an agency like ClickDo, which is the best Digital Marketing Agency in London founded by Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond.


If you are planning to start a new business or already have a business. Then you should plan for online advertising campaigns with either Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target the right audience and drive the valid traffic to your business website. This is one of the best ways to target the right audience and get more inquiries for your business.

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General FAQs

Does Facebook advertising work for small businesses?

Facebook Ads can be incredibly effective and super affordable for small businesses.

How long should you run Facebook ads for?

We like to stick to two weeks max for most Facebook ad runs. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. You should let the data tell you what to do.

How many ads should you run on Facebook?

Once you’ve consolidated your best audiences into just 2–3 ad sets, it’s time to drop your best 3–6 ads in each ad set. Test new ad copy and creatives (both images and video) using true split testing in separate campaigns.

How often should you change Facebook ads?

Ideally, as soon as your ad starts losing efficacy it gets rotated out and replaced with a different version. How often should I rotate? Some experts say to rotate your ads weekly or every two weeks, others suggest every three days.


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