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Use Animation and Graphics

Online retail business owners are on the constant lookout for ways to enhance their site performance and improve conversions. And there are a plethora of successful eCommerce PWA examples of fast stores that are fitted with awesome designs and content such as numerous wholesome videos. 

Representing a service or a complex and abstract product, you inevitably use lots of animation and graphics for marketing and sales purposes. However, other companies also turn to these multimedia means from time to time. Businesses from different areas leverage such video content to explain tough concepts, promote goods, raise brand awareness, and deliver social messages. Let’s see how creative such videos can be and what insights we can take from these examples.

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Is It a Worthwhile Undertaking?

A Wyzowl’s survey showed that 84% of respondents were persuaded to purchase an item or subscribe to a service and 79% to buy an IT product after watching a merchant’s video. And 96% of the surveyed people said that they used video explainers to explore a product or service.

Therefore, you can count on better comprehension, attitude, and conversions after adding more qualitative video content to your website and social media. There is an immense number of available genres and formats of video marketing, and all of them can be effective. But the best thing about animation and graphics is that you can convey every idea via them. There are branches where real filming is inapplicable and then drawn videos are the way out.

The main advantages of animation for business are the following:

  1. Difficult concepts, processes, products, and data become simple for understanding. It auspiciously affects people’s decisions about buying.
  2. It’s all about edutainment and infotainment: it evokes interest in the subject and educates people.
  3. Wholesome videos help to evolve good associations and build trust between a firm and prospects.
  4. You can control and change any part of the video, colors, styles, and information easily, unlike in the case with real videos involving people and shooting on location.
  5. Such videos even can be created not only by outsourced companies but also by members of your staff. There are loads of more or less professional tools designed for making animations, such as Vyond, CrazyTalk Animator, Autodesk Maya, Animatron, and many more.

But before adding loads of animated videos to your website, take care of its performance. We highly recommend you increase speed and performance with a margin. One of the popular ways to do so is switching a regular site to a progressive web app. It will then perform extremely quickly both on desktop and mobile versions, no matter how many videos you’ve embedded into it. Such websites can afford to add whatever is needed to ensure a flawless shopping experience for their customers and better revenues to themselves.

5 Ways Videos & Animation Can Help You Boost Sales Online

As you can see, using such media is strong leverage and a way to enhance your content marketing strategy. Further, we’ll consider 5 ideas for creating fascinating and efficient brand videos using animation and graphics.

1. Storytelling

Tell everybody a story about your company, collection, or product. This is one of the most enthralling and inspiring types of animated videos that could be made by a brand. Take a chance to show off a huge history and a great deal of hard work and creativity behind the things that seem to be so familiar.

Take a look at the screen from Nike’s video called “Behind the Design”. Here you can follow up the full story of the creation of a particular pair of shoes. From the first hilarious experiments through a long process of elaboration to the final version of running sneakers. In the video, Nike used a captivating blend of graphics and animation.

Screenshot taken on the official Nike YouTube channel 

Also, below is a screenshot from the video by a tableware brand, Royal Albert. It’s dedicated to the collection called “100 Years of Royal Albert”. The cartoon showcases decades, tendencies, and events that inspired them to create 10 completely different tea sets. Draw special attention to how fresh and unusual this video looks due to using mock paper drawings.

Screenshot taken on the official Royal Albert YouTube channel 

2. Explainers

These “How To” videos are extremely popular amongst brands. This is an opportunity to familiarize people with your service or product and to emphasize its strengths.

In the screenshot below, we see how accessibly Samsung demonstrates the principles of using its smartwatch to analyze and improve your sleep. The animation looks entertaining which increases its engaging potential.

Screenshot taken on the official Samsung YouTube channel

Furthermore, the Bank of America uses explainers routinely and posts them to their YouTube channel as well as to the website. A special section of the site called “Better Money Habits” provides users with helpful tips and advice regarding financial topics. And here animated videos are genuine salvation as all these themes are abstract and pretty hard to perceive. On the screen below, you can notice plentiful animated videos.

Screenshot taken on the official Bank of America website

3. Product Introduction

When it comes to software or a multifunctional solution, it’s great to give newbies the idea about how it works on the whole. Animations allow you to make such a video as a vivid, succinct, and precise message, encouraging you to learn more about a product thereafter.

Have a look at the screenshots below with the introduction of Salesforce’s Customer 360 service on Instagram. The video is utterly simple in terms of content and the creation itself. But since it delivers the concept and main goals of the product clearly, it’s a brilliant option for such a sort of business. Salesforce often uses animated videos on their social media where simplicity and cuteness rule.

Screenshot taken on the official Salesforce Instagram account

4. Viral Videos

Beautiful, bizarre, or surreal animations draw much attention and can drive sales as well. 

Take a look at the screens from Gucci’s Instagram. The brand impresses and entertains users with colorful and sometimes weird animations. As you can see by the level of engagement, followers are really into such a type of content.

Screenshot taken on the official Gucci Instagram account

By the way, people automatically consider stats as trustworthy and valuable pieces of information. Thus, companies try to refer to data as often as possible. Certainly, organizing any statistics is easy and fast with the help of animation and graphic design.

5. Social Advertising

Brands with a strong position in terms of corporate social responsibility sometimes create animated advertisements to underline their attitude to important questions.

An outstanding and touching example of such is a Libresse commercial that removes taboo from discussing women’s periods. The video includes several little cartoons in different styles that literally move people to tears. And, of course, this video inspires respect for the brand that inevitably converts into sales.

Screenshot taken on the official Libresse YouTube channel

To Sum Up

As you see, there are plentiful options to choose from! If you implement stylish and informative animated videos as a part of your content marketing strategy, you not only contribute hugely to the image of your brand. You should also expect an improvement in conversions and online sales. So, it’s worth trying!

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General FAQs

Can graphic designers do animation?

Some graphic designers even design the overall look for film and television credits. They work with sound, colors, artwork, photography, software, and even animation to produce whatever the project calls for.

What is difference between graphics and animation?

Difference between Graphics and Animation is that a graphic, or graphical image, is a digital representation of non-text information such as a drawing, chart, or photo. While many web pages use animation, which is the appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence.

Is animation a good career?

Animation is a satisfying and lucrative profession and is attracting youngsters in droves towards it. Professionals new to this industry generally work in the capacity of junior animators in animation studios and production houses.


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