Important Tips to Consider While Hiring Best Full-Stack Developers

Full Stack Developers

Are you all ready to launch your brand website? great!

Have you found the perfect developer for the website? No, and you are on a tight budget as well? 

Fortunately, you have landed on the right article that accumulates the factors you should consider while hiring a full-stack developer. If you are a non-technical person the following information will help you hire the right man for the perfect and functional website.

Important Tips to Consider While Hiring Best Full-Stack Developers Share on X

First, let’s start with the basics of why you should hire a full-stack developer!

A full-stack developer is responsible for both backend and full end technology along with database management and quality assurance. They can develop your complete website single-handedly. As compared to hiring front-end and back-end developers separately, full-stack developers are more cost-effective and the hiring process consumes less time as well. 

Full-stack developers are your one man to trust for the complete process. The same factor makes it crucial to select the right developer. A Simple Mistake can influence the complete process of software development. Below are a few points to help with hiring a full-stack developer especially if you are looking for a profession for e-commerce website development.  

Important Tips to Consider While Hiring Best Full-Stack Developers

Thorough Analyzing of Portfolio:

Your first factor of judgment should be the full-stack developer’s portfolio. A portfolio helps you analyze their past projects and experience. It also assists you in asking further relevant questions. So that way it’s more of a conversation for mutual understanding. 

The first rule is to eliminate all the candidates without a portfolio. The portfolio is an important element in the digital marketing industry and also every professional who is in accordance with the industry standards owns a portfolio. The best way to filter out the applicants is based on their portfolios. The portfolios will help you determine whether the candidate has the skills and expertise you are looking for. 

Portfolio also highlights the domain the developers have specialized in so that filters help you save time. 

What Type of Full Stack Developer Do You Want?

By definition, a full-stack developer has mastery over various aspects of web development and maintenance. 

Full-stack developers have a working knowledge of all the techniques and processes. However, they also specialize in a particular domain of the stack for example MEAN, LAMP, ROR, and ASP.NET technologies.

While a full stack developer can provide you with the expected results and superb functionality of frontend and backend, you still need to prioritize one side. 

For the sake of your own expectations, you can prioritize between the client-side, the server-side, and the Dev-Ops skills. 

For example, if you are looking for an expert particularly on the server-side while managing other aspects just well enough. Then you should interview stack developers with server end commanding power. Moreover, if you have a back-end API, you would only need the front-end. 

They Must Have Technical skills!

So, how do you judge a profile while being a non-technical person? a full stack developer should possess certain mandatory skills that aid in the streamlined process of web development.

The first criteria are that he should know HTML, CMS, and Javascript, the most popular and basic programming languages. 

A list of skills include 

  • Acquainted with Javascripts frameworks including Angular, React, and Vue.js. expertise on Front end development tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Bower.

  • On an expert level of front-end development, he should know AJAX and front-end CSS frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap.

  • The visually appealing side of the website is concerned with CSS so that’s another important element to check in the portfolio. 

For backend development, the person should be familiar with design and development. 

The backend languages include PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and .Net. Some of the popular frameworks include Express.js, Ruby on Rails, or CakePHP. He should be aware of back-end technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, etc. 

Can Think About Your Business Critically:

Everyone’s business has different needs for the database. Since a full stack developer is also responsible for the back-end development he should be well versed in critical thinking. 

A full stack developer must have adequate knowledge to analyze and understand the business needs in technical terms of data storage. to support the critical thinking in practical skills the developer should have a proper understanding of API designing and documentation. 

Expertise in DevOps:

DevOps is concerned with dealing, managing, updating, and deploying the applications to scale out the system further up.  The skills include creating and managing databases, proprietary cloud APIs, and cloud storage. 

the developers should have the ability to administer the servers and you must verify his potential at managing the cloud hosting providers. 

you can check the developer’s expertise off his portfolio. check if the developer has experience in handling auto-scaling of systems, has deployed the atomic clusters, and has managed multiple servers automatically. 

In a nutshell, since a developer is responsible for both client-side and server-side functionality he must have command over the popularly used programming languages.  A professional approach towards databases and user interfaces is also important. 

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General FAQs

What makes a great full stack developer?

A good full-stack developer should be fluent in at least one modern framework (i.e React, Angular, backbone) and understand javascripts latest iterations. A keen eye for design UI/UX.

How do you assess a full stack developer?

One of the best ways to ascertain how skilled a full-time full stack developer is can be achieved by simply taking a look at their code, their past projects, and their current apps in development. Use their GitHub repository, a portfolio of work, and development projects as a crux for the interview.

How much does a full stack developer cost?

Full-stack developer hourly rates range from $61-80 per hour (on average), but freelancing rates will vary wildly depending on location, experience, and engagement duration.


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