Why real users are the key to getting the best links

Create links for humans

Create links for humans

When it comes to the creation of links, doing so with the user in mind without putting all the focus on the positioning needs in Google, allows you to visualize the websites as they are seen by Internet users.

Keep in mind that unless they are specialists in web positioning, in reality people will not be thinking about things like the domain authority or if the robots.txt file is configured correctly. 

The creation of links focused on the user

When SEO specialists question whether a person will click on a link, they do not usually think like a human user. That is, they focus on other factors and other signals, which although important, are not really what will generate the traffic.

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If there are competing links in the publication or if there are many links, if there are too many spelling errors, etc. For all these problems we must consider whether the human user really cares.

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If you take the pages indexed to Google as an example, of course a bad sign is that a page is not indexed in Google. However, it can also be argued that if that page is the most popular one in a site that enjoys a good positioning and also receives a lot of traffic, it is likely that there is a link for the traffic of your site.

It may be that that particular page has been removed from the Google index because it had many links, but nevertheless it remains a good page. A user could even click on a link within this page.
But then, would you prefer to have a link from that non-indexed but popular page, or would you prefer to have a link from a page that is indexed, but that has a minuscule portion of traffic?

Consequently, when writing the content, if you place a link, it has to be useful and relevant. When you build your links, you must strive to obtain links that are precisely useful and relevant.

If you do a Google search and examine the metrics of the best ranked pages, you will find that many of these metrics yield very poor data. But despite this, the pages are well classified.

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The reason is simple, most people who do not understand SEO, consider that the search results are really a representation of the best pages and therefore you could get more traffic from one of those pages than from any other hidden in the page 11 of search results, even having a high domain authority. 


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