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Web visibility

How to improve the visibility of my web

The phrase “If you’re not in google, you do not exist” becomes more and more important.  The search engine par excellence has become the place to which all consumers access to find all kinds...
Create links for humans

Why real users are the key to getting the best links

When it comes to the creation of links, doing so with the user in mind without putting all the focus on the positioning needs in Google, allows you to visualize the websites as they...
Google Map

Google is updated and now the searches correspond to the user’s location

The search engine most used on the Internet has recently undergone an update in which now, searches made by users will yield results based on their location. In this way, Google is changing the...
google accelerate mobile pages

Google Prioritizes The Indexing Of The Mobile Version In Its Search Engine

Important news! Google will finally give more importance in its rankings to the pages optimized for mobile Really this news would not have to impact or frighten us. Google has been walking in this...