Work From Home Will Make You A Happier Person

Work from Home

Work from Home

In the classical world to work from home it was related to making any kind of craft or crafts. Today, thanks to the digital age this has changed radically. People who are currently working from home only need a computer and have total availability of movement.

There are already companies seeking your happiness

In many companies for several years, employees no longer have to go to their offices, because millions of companies worldwide are giving the opportunity to its employees to work from home and thus measure its professionals for their compliments, not their hours of work objectives.

This means that such employees, are not actually charging for their ability to be in his chair 8 hours (often seeing their profile on social networks or simply thinking about dinner the night) but you really have to earn their pay day by day and thus be more profitable for your company (which eventually gives more personal satisfaction) from your laptop, where in the world they want; and similarly, the employee owns your time and can finish a workday in just two hours or do it in hours “occupationally” are not appropriate.

Undoubtedly, working from home it is being turned into a revolution for the world and many people fear this could be the closure of offices and work from home is becoming the new way of working enterprises.

All this was triggered due to several studies that have shown that people who work from home are much happier because they are able to create their own personal space and better balance their personal obligations with work.

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Although some experts in labor and human relations have said that working from home has the disadvantage that it can not perceive the verbal communication of the person you are giving us directions, in many cases, this allows us to give a personal touch to project that many customers are not expected and many thanks pleasantly.

The Startup at the head of working from home

For companies that have just started their career and do not have a physical location for your company or develop the work, the possibility of telecommuting is perfect because it does not have to spend on a physical place among other things like expenses light or water and even food employees.

People who want to work from home usually work for these companies, but there are jobs that are opening way.

Digitization opens a new field of work

The fact of working from home because their employees are much happier, you add new fields of work that are opened and one of them is digitization. It is difficult to walk around internet looking for work from home as community manager, digital marketing or web editor.

Far from being a fad, these jobs have become a true vocation for life and also if you want to perform professionally customized there are plenty of places schools.

Digital nomads are increasingly

When we talk about digital nomads, we are talking about a kind of way of working from home, although not focused on being at home, but quite the opposite. Digital Nomads work through the network and move or travel at will traveling the world and working from anywhere.

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Through this new way of life, and there are several initiatives that have been created. The most striking are the accommodation in impressive natural paradises full of activities and based on bringing together the different digital nomads in Cocreation spaces.

These types of locations are characterized by mixing work, fun and passion for life. Unbelievable, right?

The closest to us in day to day

Now let’s what we all know, bloggers we see every day on YouTube and become a real boom with thousands of people watching their videos and comment on their social networks every day.

Where did the effect blogger

Although started as an American trend the issue of bloggers and given much support in that country, the portal youtube has become uploading videos and subscriptions work great for many girls and boys in a lot of countries and over time, not only have become guys with a good job, but even they have come to become TV presenters or been face of many brands.

Needless to us to go very far to see success stories where a guy or a girl is recorded for a couple of minutes a day and receive profits or dreams would earn in a normal job.

Do we have bloggers in Spain?

In Spain we have the example of Rubius, a young man who shared his passion in one of the best work of his life. The young man playing several games records and making a brief introduction of how the game is concerned, with a small recommendation whether or not to buy it. It has millions of followers worldwide and has become a great inspiration for a lot of people.

Bloggers in United States

There are other countries where bloggers have managed to make their videos a profession. We have to Philippine Michelle Phan started making videos at home because it was attacked in the street and was afraid to leave; to kill his spare time, he devised a YouTube channel where videos up thematic makeup and makeup for parties. Today it is one of the faces of Max Factor.

Bloggers in Mexico

In Mexico, we have great performances of this work as a blogger, as Yayo Gutierrez, a young blogger who has even managed to have their own space to give motivational talks to young people at various points of the Mexican Republic; who also lives entirely of their earnings on youtube, or the young Yuya, with its beauty and craft channels has managed to collect every month the amount of 3,000 euros (sometimes more) from 15 years.


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