Triumph online with offline actions

Street Marketing

Street Marketing

Something common in digital marketers to be so immersed by the digital world, is that many times we lose sight of the offline world. That’s right, and I have to tell you that there is life beyond the screen.

Consumers have become totally omnican people. Just as we are in the subway looking at that skirt or pants that we like through the Smartphone, we get home and buy it from the PC. Although the reverse situation can also be given perfectly. 

Being able to analyze the best moments and channels through which to communicate with the target audience has become an art. And I’m not just talking about the online world, but also the offline world.

Omnicanality is forcing many companies to redefine their strategies and seek options that integrate the two worlds. Are you considering it?

The Blended Conent is the secret to generating greater impact on your audience Share on X

The Blended Conent is the secret to generating greater impact on your audience

This is how it was baptized what had always been called Marketing Mix. Although the interpretation is the same, mix the techniques of Online Marketing with Offline to generate the greatest impact on the target audience.

This type of actions we have been able to see especially in large companies with very good results for the goals set.

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Blended Content will help reinforce communication through the different channels by capturing the attention of those who are not in some of the media, but in the others. They may even be able to relate to the brand through a new channel.

And if we use Street Marketing to generate a more viral impact online?

There are many examples of Street Marketing where investing very few resources but a lot of creativity, have achieved very good results. One of them is the case of the action that made eDreams (online company) in the Madrid metro. Where a large team of conference hostesses and other events dressed as flight attendants and a boy dressed as captain were intended to make the journey of travelers more enjoyable as if the services of a commercial flight were. The final objective was to show the metro users the good serice of eDreams, how comfortable it is to travel by plane, the good service of their hostesses and pilot, the comfort and of course to promote their flights.

In this type of actions it is very important the adequate selection of the team of hostesses and stewards who will carry out the action. They are the people who are going to relate directly to potential customers. Either as in this case facing the public, or simply giving support and performing functions of attention to the public. When organizing an event, congress or actions of street marketing, companies like Agency Ego can be very useful.

The 3 Main Factors to Consider in Blended Content

Actions of this type are not the result of chance, but there is a lot of creativity and strategy behind. Do you want to define yours ?. Take these three issues into account:

1. Clearly define the target audience you want to target

Clearly determining the target audience you target through each channel is basic. If you do not know it, you should study it and define your buyer persona. This way, you can plan through which channel to communicate with them, how, at what times, how often. And if you are thinking about some action of Street Marketing will help you to be more effective.

2. It offers value to the target audience in your communications

This should be the universal premise for all marketers, both offline and online. We must offer more than just communication, but something important for consumers. Something appealing to offline consumers they can find online.

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This is an action performed by Women’s Secret in Spain. Installed posters on the outside of their stores offering a 20% discount on the physical store if you started following the brand on your Facebook page.

3. Ask them to share you online

People clearly need what they want from us. Ask them to share you online if they like. If this is an experience, it may be fun to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is the way to get it to become viral and have great impact online. The goal is to reach the largest potential target audience at cost 0. So do not be shy or embarrassed to ask your target audience what you want from them.

Knowing how to take advantage of omnicanality is an art. But above all, it is the result of reflection, creativity and planning. It is important to develop a road map with specific objectives. In this way, we can measure whether we have achieved the expected results or need to improve for the following actions. 


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