Trump’s Win Has Big Potential Impact On Video Marketers

Trump Win


Do you think the post-election noise is calming down already? It has just begun! There is no doubt that the 2016 election will lead to certain economic consequences regarding Trump. And what about marketing? Will the 2016 presidential election results affect marketers? What about those who work in video production? Have you ever thought about it? We do.

Trump Win

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Less Freedom of Action for Video Advertisers

Many analysts believe in Trump’s effort to limit the freedom of speech in media and press by suing the journalists who gave him a lot of trouble during the election campaign. Some even say that this will be a key priority of his presidency (which is unlikely). However, despite Trump’s claims, Dick O’Brien (the representative of American Association of Advertising Agencies) believes that “…we in business can expect a more beneficial treatment than we might have had dealing with Secretary Clinton.” Trump is an entrepreneur, and perhaps he will be more loyal to the business and advertising sectors. But his own words contradict this so far.

Freedom of Speech

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Increasing Advertising Costs?

Marketers argue on this. The fact that Trump wants to change the tax laws, which will affect the entire economy, including the advertising business and video production. Rino Scanzoni argues that advertising spending will increase as long as Trump continues on a clear course of action in relation to the tax code. It only remains to be seen what the next decision of the president elect will be. But in any case, the pricing of advertising will change.

Further Popularization of Social Networks Video

Donald Trump’s website has widely shared video content that has the largest index among all candidates. His video content on YouTube also showed the best performance. At the same time, his election campaign was not staked on Pinterest (unlike Clinton). Where does it lead? By taking the pre-election strategy of Trump as an example, video marketers will continue to rely on social media, focusing on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for video promotion. The newly elected president has confirmed the effectiveness of the use of video in social networks once again. Here is a truly a brilliant piece with some stats and examples:

Using Trump’s Image as a Marketing Trick

Well, now Trump is one of the most famous people in the world. Video marketers can use his image as a way to attract viewers’ attention. For example, it is possible to use Trump’s face as a thumbnail in a YouTube video to compare some business tool with his business strategy, to create viral videos with him, etc. You can link any video with Trump, his election campaign, his business issues, etc., and your content would gain popularity. In short, video advertisers have a new way of development due to the 2016 election campaign.

Wrap Up

As we can see, Trump’s election affects the business and marketing industry directly and indirectly. In this article, we reviewed the forecasts by some analysts and marketers to determine the approximate trend. We will be able to begin checking its accuracy in less than two months.


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