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What is GIFs Marketing

Graphical Interchange Format, or more commonly known as GIF is one of the most unique and elusive bitmap image format used ever on the internet for depicting short time-lapsed picture frames. 

Back in late 80’s when GIF was first created, it was used extensively over the internet because of its very minimal size as it didn’t required much bandwidth over the internet to function. But contrasting to that point, today GIFs have grown up widely and are used in different traits in which its usage in digital marketing is growing with rapid pace.

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Marketing through the years have changed drastically and has changed its traits in different mediums. Today there are various channels to outcast your voice and to market your brand or business to the wider world just like Movies Jacket. The much anticipated and admired is the digital medium which also comprises of so many ways to market impeccably, and the channel is continuously growing on with emerging trends, like the one of recently high rated GIFs marketing. As we all have seen many GIF images various times flowing on the internet sometimes going highly viral, but making them use for digital marketing is the trend which has recently grown up and business from all over the world are following it.

Hence GIFs marketing recently took on the circuit with its creative flare that is of depicting key business points in short picture rounds that plays on with continuous loops, which is according to some tech gurus is one of the most effective way to transmit your message. Therefore the trend is increasingly building on among the business community to show the short time lapsed animated GIFs to portray their services and the internet world is been catered with lots of these short marketing GIFs in many mediums.

5 Effective Ways to Do GIFs Marketing:

1. Promote Products with GIFs:

GIFs Marketing

To market any products or services, you always look up to the most unique and entranced ways to promote it in the digital world, and right now there is none better way than GIFs to market your products innovatively. Because gone are the days when conventional images or videos were used to portray services, as the time now is all about being concise and effective, thus GIFs are considered as the most economical way to promote your products, as it gives you lot of options and high ingenuity with its unique picture framing to depict your services within.

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For example, if you are marketing any apparel be it any jacket, formal wearings or others, making a short promotional GIF images for those is the next big idea to show the short salient features of your garb that too in a short picture framing. As it adds bit of inventiveness to your depiction as well as shows off your products in a timely concise manner.

2. Integrate GIFs on Social Media Channels:

Social Media GIFs

The power of social media is known as the biggest to inspire anyone with its unique creativity and depiction style. So integrating your GIFs with social media channels is to boost its productivity more is the next go-to thing which a potential marketer could really focus on.

As we know how trends quickly starts to get viral over popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Hence if you are also looking to improvise your products and services on these channels, then promoting short GIFs on these could be the next high entranced notion which could lead your brand or business to the successive paths of fame. As its gives your posts more views, likes and engagements than the conventional promotional banners/pictures just because of its elusive image framing inventiveness.

3. Use GIFs in Email Marketing:

Email Marketing GIFs

The most recommended way to incorporate GIFs in your marketing campaign is to integrate it in your routine email marketing operation. As we know that just flowing out your mails in a conventional text style is surely not the working model to follow in today’s world, instead it is a proven fact that emails with videos always gets more clicks-through than these conventional texted mails. However the drawback which comes with incorporating videos in mails is that it enlarges the size of your mails and thus makes it difficult to open sometimes.

However integrating short GIFs instead of these videos is the best choice to have in your promotional emails, as it adds a fascinating visual element to your mails depicting your messages in a precise smart style and that is too mobile friendly very minimal sized that you won’t have to get worried for its customer-end opening issues.

4. Use GIFs In Blog Posts:

Blog Posts GIFs

Content marketing is been regarded as the king of modern digital marketing traits functioning around. As marketers are increasingly targeting this domain to boost up their productivity and till of now it has done wonders for them. Blogging is one of the main aspects of content marketing, which holds high persuasive edge among the others.

Hence it is quite adequate to incorporate creatively made GIFs in your blog posts to make it more engaging and appealing. As instead of adding different pictures, it is quite simple and artistic to fuse a blend of framing images (GIFs) in your blogging section to cover once in all and to make your articles/blogs look more eye-catching and lively interactive to follow-up.

5. Add GIFs in Your Website Promotion:

Web Promotion GIFs

Today almost all websites are built on the dynamic versions instead of the classy static conventional means, as it adds more interactivity to the front end of the website and makes its content more engaging. Hence to entice up more the riveting appearance of your website, adding creative and inventive GIFs in your website is one of the most prolific idea you can deploy on your website for innovative marketing.

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Because it builds up your website with high interactive live visual content is much better than Flash which slows down your pages and difficult to navigate. So in contrast to that, GIFs are pretty much small in size hence does not effects the loading time of your website. While there are many interactive GIFs forms available right now, Cinemagraphic GIFs are increasingly becoming popular these days because of its high ingenuity and resourceful imitation as it gives your depiction a complete meaningful animated portrayal.

So comprising the above, GIFs are getting increasingly popular for its usage in the online digital world, as it gives your voice a unique depiction style in a profound concised and animated manner. So it is up to you how you could incorporate these live visual elements in marketing strategy as the mediums to integrate it are so many, and you just have to find an adequate way to fuse it in between your effective marketing promotional style.


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