What Is The Hidden Advertising?

Hidden Advertising

Hidden Advertising

We analyze in depth surreptitious advertising

Every so often we find a case called Covert Advertising, an advertising tactic that remains on the wire of dubious morality, like a tightrope walker is involved.

Every time that comes to the fore a case of this kind, I particularly striking, since it is difficult to fix the limits of what is morally acceptable in commercial terms.

But first what is the hidden advertising? It is a trading strategy in which it comes to advertise or promote a product but without explicit notice to the consumer, which is a double-edged sword because on one side is misleading the target audience that has been impacted by this type of advertising, but on the other it is curious to see how the results of this type of advertising are really high, according to some studies that have been done. Nothing better than someone recommend us a product or service without the pressure of knowing that we are selling something.

In the case of surreptitious advertising prospector is selling us a product without that we realize, say that catches us with low defenses, and in such cases are much more vulnerable, simply because we are thinking about a product more naturally and in a relaxed atmosphere.

The last case of surreptitious advertising flagrantly conducted, has been discovered in Japan, particularly in the CINRA.net portal assiduously inserting products to promote their programs broadcast in streaming. These actions were discovered and reported. The portal tried to turn around creating a debate on social networks and on his blog, asking the audience the original little reflection Why is it bad surreptitious advertising? An attack of fierce criticism and after several intimidatory actions and publicly corrected channel by issuing a statement in which he apologized.

The case is that weeks later, social networks are still echoing the online portal malpractice apparently has again made surreptitious advertising. Specifically during a program it aired an interview in him, one of the guests pulled a bottle of iced tea, something like the Japanese Nestea, which go you know how noses are called there. The fact is that there is little legislation on the subject has made CINRA.net take advantage of the shallowness of the loopholes in the country.

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Advertising embedded in everyday moments is allowed in Spain, provided they clearly indicated being done advertising. In some Spanish series of the nineties as Family Doctor, this loophole was used the occasion to promote such food products through the so-called product placement during the long scenes of chaotic breakfast in the kitchen of the Martin family.

If someone has made a fierce criticism of surreptitious advertising was Peter Weir in his cult The Truman Show. A film reference that has a thousand and philosophical readings and already predicted what would be the new way of doing television and advertising.

A source of incombustible income but sometimes produces certain saturation. In the town of Truman, any time is good to display products of the investing companies, such as a canine magazine when Truman buy the newspaper at the kiosk, short machines grass, soft drinks, etc.

In fact, in the film ensures that to raise more funding for the show that is involved Truman, everything is for sale, anything that is part of the decor, which is clearly related to a current trend by making global communication campaigns in our society, for example, now the big film productions are sold together with all kinds of related products: video games, books, including travel to countries where some scenes were filmed, all to encourage even more if possible, the feeling experience an experience that is alien to us.


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