10 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Business

10 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Business

Social Media is one of the outbursts of technology which has changed the way we live, communicate and reciprocate. 

And the businesses around the world are trying to tap into the immense advantage of this new trend has to offer. Social media is the most efficient way to connect to the customers and bridge the business-customer gap.

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The largest messaging application in the world, WhatsApp which has more than 1.2 million global users is one such social media application. The businesses all over the world have been using WhatsApp as a part of their communication solutions.

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How to use WhatsApp for business

There are 10 ways in which you can use WhatsApp to engage you in a more efficient way with your customers.

1. Real-time Customer Service

If you own a small business, then it is not a secret that real-time customer service is a luxury that you can’t just afford. But with WhatsApp in the picture, this luxury is not a luxury anymore.

With WhatsApp, your team or even you can just simply click on the chat button and answer any query that your customer might have, pretty quickly. The app supports many features than just the plain texts, you can send images, videos, gifs, stickers and make the experience for the consumer personal, something they appreciate.

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This little thing itself will prove to be very effective for your business since every customer wants to have his/her query solved right at that moment. There is no other application better than WhatsApp to facilitate that.

2. Customer Support

Small businesses often provide a variety of services to capture a larger piece of the pie, so whatever your business might be, you can be an electrician, a computer repairer, or a carpenter, WhatsApp can provide amazing customer support. You can shoot a few demo videos of you working and send them to the prospective customers so that they can judge your calibre and choose you over others.

Also, you can shoot simple DIY videos of tasks that are not too technical and share them with your customers when they demand that service, that way you can earn without going to their houses and their tasks are finished too.

You can also give the customers live help by using the video call feature, you can provide a bit of guidance. That way the customer can know that they can rely on you for simple things. This experience also increases customer engagement making them loyal to you. Next time, whenever they will need the help of your field, you will be a go-to person for them.

3. Customer Feedback

WhatsApp Business Customer Feedback

70 percent of the WhatsApp messages that are sent are opened by the consumers. You can make complete use of this feature by getting the feedback of your customer on text instead of calling them.

You can create a WhatsApp group, add your customers and ask them to fill the questionnaires you design. That way you will be able to record the answers and there will always be this surety of ‘who said what’.

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This way, the next time you go and work for them you can tailor your services according to their needs. This is customer satisfaction and market research at its best. Moreover, this entire process is free, no cost involved, whatsoever. Rather, it will boost your business and make your customer loyal to you.

However, you need to make sure that the feedback questionnaires that you are preparing are not intrusive in nature. You can encourage your customers to answer your questions by giving them special offers and coupons.

4. Personal Touch

WhatsApp Business Personal Touch

As your WhatsApp group grows with time, you can start a one-on-one interaction with your customers. This is important for small businesses because for them the best marketing is mouth-to-mouth marketing and this will only happen if you give your customers an experience they can’t forget.

5. Creating & Targeting Groups

WhatsApp Business Targeting Groups

If your business is specialization kind, then you can create WhatsApp groups surrounding that particular area. This way, customers will regularly be updated with the information of a topic they are interested in and you can increase customer base via this.

6. Share Flash Sales and Promotional Codes

WhatsApp Business Share Flash Sales

You can use the status feature to your advantage too, create special promotion codes. So that the customers can redeem that code and share the code with their friends and relatives. That way, you will be able to get more business.

7. Special Access

WhatsApp status has this special instant interaction feature, using this feature you can give your customers special access to an event if you are holding one. For example, you can send a quick story on WhatsApp if you are inviting a chef to your restaurant.

8. Demo your Product

WhatsApp Business Product Demo

Using the status feature of WhatsApp, you can quickly give a quick demo of your new product or an old one for that matter. You can also quickly inform in your group if you add a new product to your inventory. Even if they don’t need that product, they will at least know that you offer that product or service too.

9. Giveaways

WhatsApp Business Giveaways

Giveaways are another way to increase the traffic to your business, you can easily promote the giveaways on status or simply share them on the group. You only need to bear the cost of the service or product that you are giving away, the marketing cost is null here.

10. Partnering with influencers and collaborating with businesses

WhatsApp Business Partnership with Influencers

Partnering and collaborating with influencers and businesses will increase your customer base and bring you new business opportunities. You don’t even have to find the business in the same industry as yours, you can simply go for vertical expansion. Even if people aren’t interested in your business, you can at least get some mentions.



As a communication tool, WhatsApp Business API Service is continuously evolving and with this evolution, businesses should look for more and more opportunities to use this platform in your favour.

But the key to this tool is that you don’t abuse these relationships or take advantage of them. Making your audience and prospective customers are the last thing you want to do, trust me. Each and every interaction you make has a value and contribute to the growth of the business, if businesses can understand that, then we all know WhatsApp isn’t exactly a tough platform to crack. 


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