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With a BSc (Honours) in Psychology, Philip Mazloumian understands that creativity heavily depends on human insight, and as such, his knowledge forms an invaluable part of what React Digital does. With over 10 years of leadership in the field of strategic brand development and marketing communication, he has positioned himself as a leading executive for organizations that require effective and timely achievement of their brand and marketing objectives.


Muroexe, the brand that will beat the sales record this Black Friday

One more year, Black Friday arrives with a lot of energy. The brands have been preparing their marketing strategies for weeks and in many cases they have been implementing them for days.  This year...
Steve Wozniak

Woz U, Steve Wozniak’s new technology education platform

Steve Wozniak is widely known as the co-founder of Apple that basically changed, along with Steve Jobs, the technological world as we knew it. I recently announced the launch of a new technological educational...
Video Production Planning

7 Pitfalls To Avoid During Video Production Planning

Having and promoting your first video for your brand can be an exciting thought. It is definitely something that you can look forward to especially if you’re itching to have a good material you...