Google for Jobs will help you find employment

Google Jobs

Google Jobs

With the experience accumulated over many years and the refinement of its search algorithm, it was expected that at some point Google used all this knowledge for other functions.

Google for jobs is a new service just launched in the United States that aims to make it easier for employers and job seekers to connect, 

And you will do this by applying the artificial intelligence and automatic learning technology you already use in your browser to better understand what types of offers may be interesting for users. Thus, when someone searches for, for example, the term “marketing”, you can see offers from various related fields, ranging from SEO to Communication Manager.

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Those who are looking for employment may establish certain filters to better narrow their search for offers, and the information that the Google for Jobs service will facilitate is the time of travel between the home and the workplace, so that applicants can Evaluate whether they find it interesting or not given.

Google’s new job search will not focus on a particular class of jobs in particular, but will address all types of offers, both managerial and senior positions as low skilled jobs.

Does Google’s entry in this field pose a threat to existing services?

Everything seems to indicate that no, since the strategy in this sense has decided to adopt the company goes more in the line of the collaboration than of the competition. For now, Google for Jobs will work in conjunction with well established companies in the sector, such as Linkedin or Glassdoor, among others. Even Facebook has been announced as one of the companies collaborating in this project.

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The Google for Jobs service will begin to get under way in the US territory over the next few weeks, but plans to expand to other countries in the near future.

Will Spain be one of them? We will have to wait for the answer. For now, the most important thing is to know to what extent Google for Jobs ends up being a useful and effective service. While Google has a long history of success in its path, failed projects have not been lacking either.

In the course of a few months we will leave doubts. 


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