How To Create A Perfect Influencer Marketing Strategy?

How To Create A Perfect Influencer Marketing Strategy

With the appearance of new technologies and the popularity of social networks, consumers are permanently connected and immersed in oceans of information. 

They receive hundreds of advertisement daily and brands have to work harder to make sales. But there is something that people will always do – check on what influencers recommend.

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Social networks have become a window that allows users to follow celebrities and experts closely. People who, due to their style of life, presence and reputation, generate great admiration are known as Influencers. They have millions of followers and are able to guide the behavior of crowds.

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They generate interest in the world of Marketing for their ability to impact and influence the decisions of their followers effectively. The biggest brands are already taking advantage of this technique.

Have you considered incorporating Influencers into your Digital Marketing strategy? If you want to increase brand credibility and reach your target in a more organic way, this is the ideal way to achieve it.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer stands out for having a large number of followers in Social Networks. In addition, he maintains a strong and direct connection with his audience and knows how to interact with them. Influencers usually have high credibility on a particular topic; a sport, fashion, nutrition, digital marketing, etc.

Therefore, their opinions and viewpoint can positively or negatively affect the thinking of their followers about a certain product or service. Each of these opinion leaders has certain characteristics that make their personality and are highly attractive. They can stand out for their sense of humor, for the way they dress, for a certain skill, talent, attitude, etc.

Types of influencers in digital marketing

There are 4 different types of Influencers.

  1. The experts.

They recommend a product or service because they use it and it gives good results. They are characterized by having great prestige and credibility. They are Opinion Leaders.

  1. The Celebrities.

Famous people who promote fashion products such as clothing, perfumes, and accessories. Many times they demand a high budget but they are very useful.

  1. Cool Hunters.

They are “explorers” who are dedicated to testing the latest products to make reviews and recommendations to their followers. They are always aware of the latest news to make reviews and predictions in their social networks or blogs.

  1. The Niche Experts.

These influencers are popular people in a specific sector. They have great knowledge about specific topics. They are ideal if you need to connect with a specific sector.

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Plan your influencer marketing actions with Best influencer marketing agencies

It is essential that before launching your strategy, you are clear about your objective. Once you have defined your goal, you will only have to determine the best way to achieve it. Develop a detailed plan for your actions.

Here are some ideas you can implement to get good results:

  1. Interviews.

Develop an in-depth interview with the Influencer and generate original content for your audience.

  1. Recommendations.

Make recommendations of your product on their networks.

  1. Attendance at events.

Organize events and turn the Influencer into your brand ambassador that is dedicated to socialize with the guests there and share minute by minute in their social profiles.

  1. Photographs.

The impact generated by the graphics campaigns carried out by Influencers is undeniable, especially on Instagram.

Make images and photographs in which the influencer reflects the spirit of your brand.

  1. Participation in your blog.

Invite him to do some collaboration on your website or blog.

  1. Advertising campaigns.

Ads paid on different channels with the Influencer as the protagonist.

  1. Webinars.

Organize training or a tutorial featuring the Influencer on the advantages of your product or service and how to use it.

  1. Interactions.

You should seek to generate conversations and reactions around your brand.

  1. Videos.

Audiovisual content is the perfect ally for any strategy in social networks and even more if it is Marketing Influencers. Surely, you will achieve a greater reach and you can even make the contents go viral.

Benefits of Marketing Influencers

Through influencers, brands have found a new way to spread their values and to establish links with crowds, which is not only cheaper but more direct than traditional media.

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Influencer marketing offers 5 great advantages:

  1. Contribute to SEO positioning.

The followers echo what their influencers say. Therefore, if the Influencers generate content about your brand, his followers will also do so, and the amount of content generated by your brand will increase. This is perfect for positioning in search engines.

  1. Improve your reputation.

When an Influencer speaks well about your products or services, this directly affects the image that your followers have about your brand.

  1. It is more effective.

It is not as invasive as traditional advertising. It is content of interest to the audience and in most cases, it is not perceived as ads.

  1. Generate conversation.

Create reactions and conversations around your brand by increasing your mentions in social networks, news portals, websites, and blogs.

  1. Increase traffic to your site.

Links and recommendations result in a greater number of visits to your website and increase your conversions.

Measure the impact of your Influencers Marketing Campaign

It is important that during the implementation of the actions, you evaluate the results obtained. Although you know the audience of your brand perfectly, you do not know the followers of your Influencer, therefore, analyzing the performance of your actions will allow you to optimize your strategy based on the reactions and interests of the audience.

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Here are some metrics to take into consideration:

  • Increase in the number of followers of your brand.
  • Qualitative aspects: feedback from the audience regarding the action, feelings that occur during the interactions, etc.
  • The increase in popularity of your product and brand.
  • Traffic on your website generated by the Influencer.
  • The number of mentions.
  • Total interactions received in the Influencer’s publications (clicks, likes, shared, comments, visualizations, etc.).

What do you think about the Influencer Marketing Strategy?

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