Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your Smartphone

Photos with your Smartphone

Photos with your Smartphone

Most current smartphones already incorporate a camera of high quality, with a good amount of pixels and even with the possibility of adding effects or improve the visual appearance of images. With these devices you can make beautiful and professional photos. In this sense, then you want to talk about some tips to take the best pictures with your Smartphone.

1. Conoce good pair your phone make good pictures

For example, it is recommended that you add a shortcut that allows you to turn the camera immediately. This is a great way to not miss the quick photos. It is also desirable to know the shutter speed of the camera and understand the exact moment when the picture is taken.

2. Ten into account the lighting when taking pictures

Poor lighting ruin the pictures even if you have the best camera on your phone. Therefore, you should make sure to take portrait pictures, your lens is perfectly illuminated. If you are indoors, you must keep the light on your back since the light behind the object only darkens the image.

3. Evita use the digital zoom when taking photos with your phone

The digital zoom of your phone can be misleading and in some phones even exist. Basically what it does is zoom digital zoom instead of optical zoom, which makes the image immediately pixelated display. Therefore, to make professional photos must avoid using the zoom and instead simply get closer to the target.

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4. Considers the composition and make several photos

That is, think of your photo before taking it; takes the rule of thirds into consideration so that the visible grid lines appear. This way you can more accurately frame the object that you will want to take the picture.

5. Piensa in the background

The camera on your Smartphone is not able to isolate the background object, therefore to take pictures must assess if it will be in front of a simple background or fill the image with the object.

6. Use photo applications

There is a huge amount of photo applications that can be used to make the best pictures with the camera on your Smartphone. Consider then install any of them that preferably include tools and features to improve the visual quality of the photographs, even with the possibility of adding an effect, apply overlays, cut out the parts you do not like and even to offer options to share with friends or social networks.

I hope you have proved interesting these tips for how to make pretty pictures and professionals. Although if you want to go a step further in your edits, you reecomiendo you read this article on applications to make videos with photos and music to make great video compositions.


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