Emotional Advertising: 4 Emotive Ads To Remember

Emotional Ads

Emotional Ads

There are ads that connect directly to the amygdala, ads that catch your neural system shortcuts to touch your soul. 

Nothing is a casuality. Human emotion is a difficult keys to find, but anxious waiting to be touched.

The first: Be very clear objectives. Looking for brand awareness? Connection with your audience? What do you get with the video and why? Of course, there are recurring themes: love, death, childhood … But not all cause the same results.

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Here’s why.

Monty the Pinguin

The first time I saw this ad was completely fascinated. Child + + love penguins … For a subject of advertising made us write our first memories as a technique for creativity: those who do not understand, those who remain in your memory as a blurred dream. Were they real? Do not? Who cares? If you take those feelings and are able to extrapolate to a minimally universal memory, something that all of us have lived …! You have a shortcut to the amygdala.

Oh, Brother!

I chose this video for two reasons: First, because I love and second, because it follows exactly the same structure and the same pattern as above. Children, children and pets dream. What’s in this child-pet relationship we love about that? Is it that pure love, that relationship free of all evil, which ensures that remains etched in our memory and video become viral?

The girl, who is in love

Coca Cola are specialists in identifying and portraying humanity and universal feelings, creating small pieces of stories that you shake, you shake inside. Like first love. Those first moments you never forget.

Start something new

Every time I saw this ad on television put me in a good mood. He smiled inside. They have managed to plant hope where there is no longer, apparently. If he is able to do all that, how can you not be yourself?

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What is common to all these announcements

  • They are aspirational. We want a penguin as a pet or a giant monster, relive their first love or traveling around the world blithely.
  • They talk about universal emotions and feelings through very specific scenes: the penguin food the child who does not like eating, playing hide and seek with the giant monster, the reaction from mother to know that her daughter is lying (but it is) or Ikea’s grandfather photographed with the kids. The universal detail.
  • And of course, music. Music is a vital component if it seeks to move.
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Everything is invented, but no matter. In the end, all the stories follow a same structures already established, some classic patterns that are repeated to infinity. It is the way, the detail, the time. We must find the key moment in which life is transmitted humanity, because it is that which you will really get to connect with your audience. 


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