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Brand Awareness Tips

7 Tips To Do Brand Awareness Through Digital Marketing in 2022

Social media will get you the customers! SEO will get you in the good books of Google algorithm! But, if you want your potential customers to remember you, you will need branding. Whether you...
Brand Awareness Marketing

5 Tips To Do Brand Awareness Through Content Marketing in 2022

Have you heard someone calling themselves “Nike guy” or “Apple people” and wondered what’s the reason behind such weird terminology? Well, this is what brand awareness can do for an organization – embed itself...
Content Marketing Brands

How Content Marketing Builds Your Brand in 2021

Content marketing is said to be the only kind of marketing left. This statement is from the godfather of modern marketing, Seth Godin. Content marketing needs to come from a sincere place of desiring...
Video Marketing

How To Use Video Marketing For Brand Awareness in 2021?

Video marketing is a hot trend for brands of nearly every size and shape right now. And for good reason. It has to do with psychology. Think about the end-user. Who watches videos that...
How to Create Buyer’s Intent and Drive Sales in 2019 An Easy Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies

How to Create Buyer’s Intent and Drive Sales in 2019? An Easy Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies!

I started advertising 15 years ago. At that time marketing your products was a real deal. Hoping that customers will reach to buy products was the underlying assumption.  Move forward ten years, andwe’re still...
Digital Marketing and Its Uses

Types of Digital Marketing and its uses

Marketing, in simple terms, is a process of creating an interest for the probable customers or clients in your products and services.   The main talking point in marketing is the “process” which runs...
Emotional Ads

Emotional Advertising: 4 Emotive Ads To Remember

There are ads that connect directly to the amygdala, ads that catch your neural system shortcuts to touch your soul.  Nothing is a casuality. Human emotion is a difficult keys to find, but anxious...