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Cropped typewriter at desk

Cropped typewriter at desk

We discovered 7 ways to empathize with your potential customers effectively through words.

As you already know, in order to be successful with your online store you need that each of the elements present in it, are the ideal to encourage the capture, sale and loyalty of your potential customers. In this sense, texts are essential to achieve this because with them you can create the closeness and confidence necessary to connect with your customers and empathize with them. 

So, today I’ll reveal 7 keys that you can start using right now to improve and optimize the texts of your online store:

1. Create quality content relevant to your ideal client.

Think well in the detailed description of who is your ideal client, your problems, needs, ambitions, illusions, etc. And create texts, articles, and product listings that are aimed at connecting with your most emotional part. The key is to create a real connection with your customer beyond the product or service you sell.

2. Use headlines that have a “hook”.

The title is the first thing we see users and depending on what we perceive, we click and read the content. The key is to get that first click, but the whole strategy of content marketing will have been left in nothing.

Some techniques that you can use when creating headlines that hook up are for example:

  •     Find phrases you know that help generate excitement;
  •     Incorporate the main keyword for which you are positioning;
  •     Immediately focus the reader on the content you are going to develop and on the benefits that you will bring
  •     Be brief, clear and concise

3. Make use of metaphors.

The metaphors are perfect to create more rhythm in the reading of the texts and they help a lot to talk about subjects or aspects that can be, sometimes, a little delicate. As you know the metaphor is a rhetorical figure that consists of identifying a real concept with another that is imaginary and with which there is a relationship of similarity.

In our day to day we use a multitude of metaphors and we do not realize it, for example with expressions like “you are missing a screw”, “I have sat like a jug of cold water”, “goes downhill and without brakes”, “I have The mood for the soil “, etc.

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The metaphors in the titles serve to create a powerful image in the mind of the reader and want to know more. For example imagine, a headline that says something like “The shower gel that will make you feel in the clouds in every shower” or “We discovered the paradise of natural cosmetics”. And in the case of metaphors within texts, serve to facilitate reading, making it more enjoyable and capturing the interest of the reader to get the article to end.

4. Use simple, clear and direct sentences.

If you can say something in 5 words, better than 10, because especially on the internet the user is more accustomed to scan the texts than to read them completely. For this reason, writing texts that are not very long and with phrases that do not go around, is the best you can do to capture the attention of your customers.

5. Be original.

Do not use texts or articles from other web pages, you know that on the internet the key to achieve a good positioning is that your content is unique, original and unique. 

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6. Launch your message at the right time.

Equally important is to create texts with the characteristics that we have been commenting, as when they are launched and communicated, you choose the moment and the most appropriate way to do it.

For example, avoid making the mistake of launching in your social networks the new blog post, at 12 at night, if you know that your target audience at that time will not be active; Or for example, do not throw your posts or ads of your products in social networks where your customers are not …

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They seem very obvious things but you have to take them into account, to make the most of each content you have created on your website, communicating it at the right time and by the most effective way possible to maximize results.

7. Do not forget the SEO.

And finally, and very important also, do not forget the SEO in the creation of the contents because all the details that we have mentioned before at the level of copywriting must always go in total coordination with the keywords and the positioning strategy that has been determined .

Now you know the 7 key elements that you need to know to improve your texts both in the online store in general, as in blog articles and product listings. In this sense, it is advisable to start slowly and without strain to write the texts of your online store. You can first start with the texts visible on the main page, then continue with the texts in the “About” section and the values of the brand, and end with the product tabs and blog articles. 


Devendra Singh

Director, Content Strategy at Digital Marketing Trends. I develop, evaluate, and improve the company's content strategies. Providing a big online presence for SMEs and StartUps.