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Digital Technology Innovations

Digital Evolution

Digital Technology Advances and Innovations In 2021

One of the side effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic nobody foresaw was the need for new digital technologies. It was innovations in 2020 and 2021 that caved the world from a complete economic...

SEO 2021


Most Important SEO Practices for B2B In 2021

The role that SEO plays in any business cannot be underestimated. SEO is critical when it comes to marketing your business. The way you use it will affect the way clients respond to your...

Customer Experience

User Experience

Marketing Trends That are Changing Customer Experience Post-Pandemic

As we’re approaching the summer, business reports of all kinds start coming in. Marketing and customer service assessments aren’t an exception. Given the chaos of last year and the sudden switch to remote work,...

YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

4 Reasons Why YouTube Videos Don’t Get Clicked

Have you ever wondered why YouTube videos don’t get clicked? If so, you aren’t alone. Ask any successful creator, and they’ll tell you how important it is to position your videos to get clicked....

LinkedIn Business


Promoting Your Business Online Using LinkedIn

The rising popularity of LinkedIn can be attributed to its fast climb to prominence on the social networking scene. Over the years, LinkedIn has grown from being a platform where people connect and engage...

Social Media Ads

Social Media

Can You Write Social Media Ads that Users Will Actually Click? Yep! Here’s How.

Modern consumers see upwards of 10,000 ads per day. Yes, ten thousand.  Seems pretty far-fetched, right? But…when you consider every ad on the radio or on streaming platforms, every billboard you pass on the...

Business 2021


6 New Business Initiatives to Increase Efficiency in 2021

At times, you may notice that meetings that used to be productive are now dragging, or some projects are taking too long. This may take a toll on the employees and ultimately affect their...

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

5 Reasons to Still Prioritize Content Marketing to Build Your Brand

As our consumption of content, media, and technology evolves, so do the methods through which businesses promote and exhibit their brands. Consumers are beginning to seek more original and interesting internet content, moving beyond...

AWS Training and Certification


Participation in AWS Training and Certification

We’ve recently updated AWS Training and AWS Certification to make it easier for you to build your cloud skills and learn from many of the new services we’ve announced through AWS RE: Invest. Free...

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

5 Reasons You Should Shift from Traditional to Digital Marketing in the New Normal

Shifting to digital marketing should be an easy decision for digital marketers. Although traditional marketing can still be relevant and impactful, promoting a brand through digital marketing is now the norm. It rings true...

Facebook Ads

Social Media

Facebook Ads: What Every Business Needs to Know

Facebook Ads are consistently one of the most effective digital marketing tools businesses have in 2021. For a long time, marketing professionals wondered if social media could ever have the same influence on users...

SEO Strategies


8 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Technical SEO in 2021

Your website may have a strong SEO foundation, but how well does it perform in technical SEO? The thing is, many SEO practitioners focus their time and energy on creating useful and visually appealing...

Brand Ambassador


What Can And What Does A Brand Ambassador Do For Your Business

If you have been chosen as, hired for, or sought out a career opportunity as a brand ambassador then you will know all too well that there is more to it than meets the...

Website Optimization Tips

Digital Marketing

How to Optimize Your Website in 2021?

I’ll give you a quick overview of how to optimize your specific niche. The basis for this is what I call Image Optimization. If you have a site about checking your car and you...

Digital Marketing 2021

Digital Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Practices to follow in 2021

The past year has brought on some incredibly serious changes, especially when it comes to marketing. With a majority of the populace shifting to online mediums to conduct their businesses; digital marketing has seen...